Cloudy and 75- Descriptive Essay

Cloudy and 75° Big Hickory Pointe on Bonita Beach is my absolute favorite place to be, most of all because it is convenient. I am fortunate enough to be able to live on one of the most beautiful beaches, at least according to me. The beach is my backyard; it is a place where I can relax. I’ve always thought of the beach as a place where I can forgot about all my stresses and breathe easy, if only for just one afternoon. I can feel the white powdery sand between my toes, and smell the salty smell in the air as I stroll down Big Hickory Pointe. This is a path I take quite often; my destination being the portly old gopher tortoise.

The tortoise has made his home at the end of the Pointe. I affectionately gave the tortoise the name “Tommy. ” Often, I will bring Tommy carrots or lettuce for a snack. Today I am empty handed. As I reach the end of the Pointe, I notice cute little Tommy as he ducks back into his tunnel like burrow. I then start my walk back to my condo where I have my beach necessities set up close to the shoreline. This is my favorite kind of day, cloudy and 75°. You see, I do not necessarily care for the blistering hot days southern Florida is known for. I enjoy the beach the most when it is cooler; especially when it has just rained.

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I sit back in my beach chair and look up to the sky. The clouds create a pleasant, refreshing blanket from the hot sun. I take a deep breath and, I can smell the rain that has just fallen. Now, the clouds are breaking and letting little slivers of sunlight shine threw. The new sun seems to change the color of everything. The sand is a bright white with speckles of glittering shells. The ocean is a deep shade of aqua with the sunlight glistening over it. This is paradise! Now that I am officially relaxed, I close my eyes and do not realize I drift off to sleep.

I am soon awoken by the tide drifting closer and closer to my chair. To my surprise the sun is setting, filling the sky with beautiful streams of pink and blue. The waves have subsided into gentle rolls upon the sand. Unfortunately, it is time to pack up and head home. As the sun finally sets, I can feel the coldness on my goose bump stricken skin. On my walk back along the beautiful shoreline of Big Hickory Pointe, I am reminded of the stresses that have ended my peaceful Sunday. Tomorrow brings work and school. However, I am not upset. I’m just thankful that I am fortunate to get to do it again next weekend!