Clowns Essay

Carl N Williams Sociology 101 Evette Mathews Monday, May 07, 2012 Homework Essay #4 During the past 2 days I have recorded my interaction with approximately 15 people, both male and female ranging from age 18 to 45.

This is a qualitative project based upon the symbolic interactionism theory, which focuses attention on the way that people communicate and interact with one another through words, gestures and symbols that have conventional meaning. With this in mind, the following is a brief summary of the people that I have come into contact with. Meet *Marvin*. Marvin is a black male who appears to be my age, 40.His shabby and dirty clothes and shoes were not out of place since the place I ran into him at The Home Depot, where most of the people were contractors, handy men, or property owners purchasing material for a project that they are involved in. I went to the home depot for the purpose of finding a MEXICAN, (In the home improvement/construction world, the word Mexican is associated with cheap labor), to fix my hot water tank. What attracted my attention to Marvin Was the fact that he was nodding in the middle of an aisle.

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His nodding, to me, meant that I have found someone whose labor would be cheaper than a Mexicans.It was apparent that Marvin was a heroin user and because of that I figured that I could get him to the work I needed to get done for cheap but, what I should have done was locked him into a price before having him do the job because, as it terns out, although Marvin is a heroin addict, he is a master plumber and he charges master plumber prices for his labor. Meet Tynesha, Tynesha, is a black female age 39, who walks her dog through the projects every day at 4:45, I know this because I have noticing her for 3 months but have not spoken to her.

So this assignment gave me the courage to finally speak to her. I can’t remember what she was wearing but I do know that her jeans were tight. I introduce myself to her and tell her that I noticed that she walks her dog every day at the same time her immediate response was to ask me what kind of job I have that I can watch her at the same time every day. Through the course of the conversation I explain that I am a full time student, a single parent and I work a full time job. I find out that she is a case manager, going through a break up and is planning to be celibate until she gets married!The latter normally would make most men stop in their tracks but to me it was an issuance of a challenge. I wasn’t really sure what my intentions were but we exchange telephone numbers. Since our initial conversation we have talked on the telephone and have exchanged more details about ourselves.

This time I explained to her that I was married but separated, something that I didn’t mention during our first conversation. My personal feeling is that a failed marriage is a stigma and the fact that she is currently trying to end a bad relationship may hinder us from becoming anymore than friends.The fact that she plans on being celibate plays a part in this too. Meet Name not known, and apparently I am supposed to know it because unknown is a black male who looks to be in his mid 40’s, knows my name and know that I give away free cells phones for a living. He seems familiar but i couldn’t put my finger on where I met him or know him from but his pitch to me is about selling some cell phones that I have from a company that has gone out of business since the government has changed the rules about free cell phones.

Since I am supposed to know this person I didn’t let on that I didn’t know him because as an opportunist I saw this an opportunity to get rid of the cell phones that have been in my basement for months and make some money along the way. The guy was clean cut and looked like he was serious about making some money so we exchanged telephone numbers. He called me a few days later and it was then that I realized that he was one of the people we had hired to pass out forms! But believe it or not, I still don’t know his name.