Coach Boone and Leadership Essay

It’s surprisingly easy to comment on Coach Boone’s leadership in the film Remember the Titans and for a very good reason too.

Coach Boone loved his team and led them well. If someone who hasn’t seen the movie doesn’t know who Coach Boone is, he is the head captain of the newly integrated football team. He, through the course of the season, leads his team, the Titans, into a season where they were unbeatable.

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That fact alone would be amazing, but the fact he did all this while having to deal with the racial tension in the school is almost unbelievable. Coach Boone is an amazing leader and an amazing person in general.He treats his boys like men because he wants them to grow up with a backbone. The world out there is harsh and so is Coach Boone’s leadership style. He leads with a firm and strict hand and makes sure to point out any little fault so that the next time they play, it’s perfect. Coach Boone cares for his team though, that’s for sure. He loves then and wants to make sure they’re the best around.

I personally don’t like his methods sometimes, but they’re effective. They work like a dream and I suppose that’s what his team needed at that time. His leadership, at times, could have been ineffective because of his harsh standards.Yelling at people sometimes isn’t the right way to go about things. Many of his team could have felt like they were worthless and stupid because of how often they got yelled at.

Overall, though, I feel like his methods were alright and he was a pretty wonderful and effective leader and coach. A coach needs to be effective and needs to take control of situations. I feel like Coach Boone did this many times during the movie. Pulling people from the field, allowing captains to kick members from the team, all those things were very precisely executed and I don’t think I would have done anything different were I in his place.In the time period this movie was set in, everything had to be handled with care. Racial tension was high and just a tiny spark could result in a huge explosion of a riot.

This is why I think Coach Boone handled this all so beautifully. In the end, my point is validated. Out of all the leaders in the movie, it’s very clear why the movie revolves so intently around Coach Boone. He was a brave, courage, wise man who led a team into an unbelievable victory. That is more than enough to make him one of my leadership heroes and role models.