Colleen someone with health insurance, which she

            Colleen McKee describes the moments
of her life and how she experienced different types of reactions to her being
poor. She attended the clinic to be examined for a cough that she had been
having for the past three months. Related to gender, she told the doctor that
she previously had sexual contact with a woman and then there was a strange moment,
“the room was dead silent and she continued to stare at me undisguised horror. In
my paper dress on the cold steel table, I felt like some strange specimen at
the zoo, one that wasn’t supposed to exist. And I wish I could tell you I said
something really funny to her,” (McKee, 105). She then questioned Colleen about
things that did not relate to the reason why she made the appointment in the
first place. She continued to ask numerous questions and Colleen felt as if she
was being attacked because she was throwing so many at her. She was considered
as a female, so that resulted in her being insisted to getting a HIV test, pap
smear, and other female reproductive system tests that was included. Depending upon
the location, South County, Missouri, at the Department of Health clinic, there
was a policy stating that they had to make separate appointments for each. Not letting
her know, they had two cancellations with her appointments as if it were not
their policy. She mentions in her story, “but O.K., these people are here to
help me, and everyone knows what beggars can’t be, so…I tried not to think
about that, either,” (McKee, 103). With that being said, “beggars can’t be
choosers” and this relates to her addressing that they had “paid” someone to
paint the place, and it was most likely someone with health insurance, which she
did not have.

            The quote that I have chosen
specifically for the assignment is the very last sentence of the story. Looking
into the quote for a deeper meaning, which is kind of straight forward, is that
beggars can’t be choosers. Whatever they told her to do, she had to do with no
questions asked because they consider themselves the boss and since she was a
poor American living in Missouri, they had control over her. No matter what she
made the appointment for, they will give her what they insist in giving the treatment
for. “Whatever you do, please don’t call us in the morning,” (McKee, 108). Sounds
like something they would say to someone they would not like to see again no
matter the condition, so that individual should not seek their help.

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            Connecting the quote to the meaning
of the work as a whole and picking out the pieces to the quote, I feel as if
this quote relates to it the most. “I named this book Without a Net because I wanted to capture the breath taking,
exhilarating, and scary experience of going through life knowing that there is
no safety net to catch you should you fuck up and fall,” (Tea, XIII). There will
not always be a back bone, something or someone there to catch you when you
mess up, there will be consequences and obstacles. These series of events by
different individuals are breath taking and interesting. It is interesting to
see what happens to women in the poor and working class and how they survive these
incidents. Sharing one’s own personal experiences is a deeper meaning and can
have an effect on the work as a whole.