College Acceptance Essay

Narrative April 1, 2011 Throughout my life and school career I have been privileged and deprived in certain areas. I always thoroughly understood that no one was perfect, but I made it clear to myself that I needed to work as hard as I could to get as close as possible to perfect. I faced every challenge with hard work and dedication whether it was on a test in school or game day while playing football. Luckily, I was privileged with hard work and persistency and the ability to apply myself in any situation.

Also, I am thankful I had the opportunity to attend grade school and high school without having to directly pay because one area my family and I are deprived in is affluence. Being able to attend school has allowed me to develop knowledge and skills I can use toward becoming affluent. I have challenged myself by taking honors, advanced placement, and college classes. I made certain that I did my best in each of those classes and my work paid off. But, there is one last step to achieving my goal and it is college. Unlike high school and grade school, college needs to be paid for directly.

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This last stage of education is my stepping stone to a productive career and the only thing stopping me is my disadvantage. Although my mother and father do all they can to support me, the positions they are in do not suit them to aid me in my final stage of school. My dad being unemployed and my mother being a factory worker does not add up to me going to college. This is why every piece of financial aid I can receive will help me reach my goal of becoming a successful physical therapist. My desire to help people now is reflected in my volunteer service as an EMT.

I would like to continue helping people and make it into a career. I can do this by going to college and putting my privileges to work. After receiving my acceptance letter to my top choice in schools, University of Delaware, I was overcome with joy; then, I was hit with the realization of having to pay to go there. I am determined to work towards receiving as much help financially as I possibly can so I can not only become successful, but also give back to my community. No money received would go to waste because I intend to take advantage of attending a college by putting my best effort into my work.

I plan on receiving my doctorate in physical therapy and becoming one of the top physical therapists in the country; helping people from state to state. I am thankful I have made it this far with my education. It would be a great honor and achievement if I was handed the opportunity to become the first person in my immediate family to attend and graduate from a university. If given the chance through scholarships such as this one, I am sure I will do everything in my power to use the college resources to the maximum and become the best physical therapist I can be.