Great depth of understanding my work Essay

Throughout the years, I have had to deal with many trials, and challenges.

Growing up BI-racial had a big affect on both my parents relationship, my relationship with my parents (which later on lead to their separation). There were cultural clashes within my household; my mother who was from Korea, and my father who was from Panama. I had learned to depend on myself, my friends, and most importantly, on God.

I believe that I would be successful in college, because I believe that I have a lot of potential. Im determined, motivated, and also have a great depth of understanding my work.Although there was a great decline in my grades due to depression, caused by the death of a friend, loss of a loved confidant, and abuse from a boyfriend, my performance while attending school was excellent. My grades have improved since entering my senior year. I have learned a lot from the depression, finding inner peace, and achieving personal emotional growth.

An event in my life that has left a lasting impression on me would be the lesson that I have learned about life. Last summer, I went to a revival crusade, which was held at the Meadowlands.There was this speaker there named Stephen Hill. He spoke of Christianity being a relationship between people and Christ, not about being a religion. I learned a lot from that revival, and I have not been the same ever since. Not only is my outlook on life different, but so is my personality. All the burdens that were so heavily laid on me were gone the day I got saved.

Instead of being dependent on my family and friends, learned to rely on a being that I cannot see, but can only hope and have faith in. Faith believes in something that we cannot see.Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of faith is to see what we believe, (St. Augustine). This event took me out of my depression, and made me realize that I wasnt alone. God was always watching over me.

It helped me overcome the battles that I was fighting within myself. In the future, I would love to pursue a music career. Writing music, and singing, has always been a great passion and talent of mine.

For now, Im happy volunteering at a nearby hospital with a friend of mine. In the past, I have done modeling, artwork, and piano.As I continue my senior year, I look forward to college. To go off in a world, where there are various lessons to be learned.

To experience life, friends, and work. To be away from everything that is familiar to you, and is off at a place where your surroundings are unfamiliar, and eccentric. To get the proper education I need to start off my career. I believe that I am qualified for the Educational Opportunity Program, because I have the potential to succeed at a State University. I have a decent average, and I am eligible financially.