Colonialism in Kenya Essay

Colonialism occurs when one nation takes control of another. When Europe took over it affected Kenya in mostly bad ways. The central consequence of colonial rule proved to not be the modern reconstruction of Africa. The far-reaching dismantlement and ruin of the societies and structures, which in the invaders had found good, worked to Kenya’s disadvantage. In the 19th century Europeans created the African nation of Kenya. In 1884 when the European nations met to carve up the African continent.

No Africans attended the Berlin Conference. All Africans did not feel the same way about British settlers. Those who made their living from farming were angry because their land was being taken from them. On the other hand groups who did not get along with their neighbors often wanted the help of the powerful British against their enemies. This put tension between the people of Kenya. Africans also served in the British government during WW1. But not as soldiers but as “carriers. After the war Kenya became harder to rule (led by Harry Thuku), Kenyan’s began to organize and protest British practices such as “a pass” which hung from their neck, the Kenyans not the whites and the “hux tax. ” Because of these protest the British said that African needs would come before white settlers and that they would give Africans a part rule of Kenya. But during the 1930’s when the depression hit, The British government returned to the policy of supporting the white settler farmers.

More African farmers lost their land and either became “squatters” or moved to the cities. WW2 slowed the movement for change in Kenya but it would also lead an end to British rule. Because of the war Kenyans, who served as soldiers were in awe at European power and after the war Kenyans decided to directly challenge the idea of Kenya being a “white man’s country,” to abolish it. The only good part that came out of white minority was order, efficiency, discipline, and comparative peace.

It also ended slavery, but over all it was a long journey for Kenya, but after the four-year struggle for Kenya’s independence (which was very bloody) the British still won. But The Kenyans saw themselves as strong independent freedom fighters and stuck to their ideal independence, which they eventually got. So as one can see, colonialism proved to not be the modern reconstruction of Africa. It was unfair and what the invaders had found good, worked to Kenya’s disadvantage.