Colorado Theater Massacre Essay

Gunman Kills 12 in Colorado, Reviving Gun Debate Dan Frosch and Kirk Johnson Aurora, Colorado Abstract On July 20th, 2012 a tragic shooting ended 12 lives and injured 58 other people in Aurora, Colorado. This all happened at the midnight viewing of the film “The Dark Knight Rises” at the Century 16 movie theatre.

This was the highest number of casualties in America mass shooting. James Eagan Holmes was arrested minutes after the crime in the parking lot of scene.Police say the suspect bought a ticket, entered the theatre and sat in the front row. 20 minutes into the film, Holmes left through the emergency exit and kept it propped open. He had gone to his car to retrieve protective clothes and ammunition and then re-entered the theatre. Holmes through a smoke bomb to affect the audiences vision, then soon after started firing several different guns. Shortly after the shooting, the police arrived and arrested Holmes outside of the cinema next to his vehicle. 0 people died at the scene and 2 died in the hospital.

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This was a very interesting article and gave me some goose bumps. I feel for the death of all victims and their families. I learned from this article to always focus on what’s going on around me at all times. Reference Frosch D. & Johnson K. (2012). The emerging details got more mysterious and in some ways more horrifying still. Journal of Gunman kills 12 in Colorado, Reviving Gun Debate.