Com 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization Essay

COM 350 Common Characteristics of an Organization – Pfizer a) Organization Orientation The Pfizer organization expresses a strong culture and interest in the well-being of people, both inside the company and in the larger human community. The company’s understanding of its responsibilities of citizenship required it to remain loyal to its hometown community.

In its embrace of a structured, organized, and planned environment, Pfizer reveals the often subtle impact of the judging work style preference.The company has evolved a remarkably decentralized divisional structure, with distinct but wholly owned subsidiaries producing some of its best-known products: McNeill Laboratories makes Tylenol, Ethicon makes surgical products, and Ortho handles contraceptives. This decentralized system allows each division to work at its own pace and establish its own procedures for marketing its products. The influence of the structured, planned environment of the Pfizer umbrella organization, however, ensures a high degree of consistency.Like many, Pfizer organization has shown its willingness to champion a cause, even to the detriment of operations and performance. The most idealistic of all the organizational types, it has a private dream of creating a better world and bettering its profession.

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This vision is not always obvious to those outside the team, but it is nonetheless the central force behind many decisions. This company cares, approaching its work with a kind of youthful optimism. Blessed with an innate ability to link unrelated concepts to form new ideas, this organization sees many possible solutions to any need.It is a good communicator, but does better as a force behind the scenes or in one-on-one persuasion than as a mass communicator. If it can overcome a tendency toward disorganization and poor follow-through, it has the ability to develop cutting-edge work and imaginative service. It is a survivor. Pfizer is people oriented.

Highly perceptive, Pfizer determine how things get done based on individual needs and today’s concerns. The organization makes value-based decisions. One of those values is always harmony. It also is faithful to its obligations to clients or customers. When the work has eaning, the organization is truly inspired. Anything new is exciting.

Pfizer organization learns by doing. Staff members tend to get the freedom to develop on a personal and professional level. There’s plenty of encouragement and support. Ideas are genuinely welcomed. This type is very trusting and hates confrontation.

This can cause problems when vendors and others don’t have the organization’s best interest at heart. It’s essential for a client to be a good match with the organization’s values, or work may never get done. Meaningless work makes the organization unhappy and restless. Work Environment SystemsThere are significant behavioral differences between a system and other conventional models. A system’s performance depends on the total structure. Performance changes with any changes made to the structure. In comparison, the behavior of a heap depends on its size or on the number of pieces in the heap. Finally, heaps do not have a purpose, only the individual parts are alive.

Therefore, in an organizational context, a living system is far more purposefbl compared to a heap because they have a reason to exist. Living systems also grow and improve, and their growth depends on the quality of the relationship between the parts.How does this apply for Pfizer? Pfizer systems: Encourages and supports growth and development Harmonious: supportive and affirming People can be seen working alone or in intimate groups (individual units, open systems and also closed ones) Unstructured, casual, minimally insistent on procedures Considerable talking and listening, often centered on predictions Significant contributions usually come from individuals Quiet enthusiasm Fun Positive Expressive Hands-on Teamwork and brainstorming often seen Values and Rules Innovation Community Diversity Teamwork Fun Harmony Integrity Insight SensitivityCommunication Networks / Style: formal and informal Centers on the future and people, with ideals Prefers to give information rather than directives Communicates at the conceptual level May be prone to exaggeration and dramatics Prefers face-to-face interaction Language is verbally creative Begins meetings with the big picture first In meetings, seeks connecting with people first Topics will vary widely, but will deal mostly with ideas Conversations will jump from topic to topic Options and possibilities will be communicated Sources of Energy Pursuing people possibilities and concepts that can help humankind Idealistic relationshipsAdopting and championing causes Signs of Stress Overwhelmed with possibilities, indecisive Obsessed with unimportant details Loud arguments and emotional outbursts Becomes overzealous about values, or intense and vocal when they are not honored Behavior during Conflict: Managing communication Will avoid conflict if possible, but will defend values tenaciously Ensures that corporate values are understood Conflict will come when values are violated or ignored May reason with feelings rather than logic Approaches to Managing Change Change will come from vision of the future Will seek information and advice from everyoneWill ask if change is good for people If changes honor its values, will try to persuade others Change will be slow and evolutionary Ideal Clients Value an ethical and caring organization Appreciate an organization that is honest and genuine Willing and able to allow the organization time to develop ideas Share a common focus on developing people Appreciate keeping commitments Like a harmonious environment with little confrontation Value being part of creative, brainstorming activity I believe personality holds the key to a healthy corporate culture and a strong brand identity.

It can help you unlock your ambitions and advance to the next level of achievement. Values, like values systems, cannot be manufactured. They either exist or they don’t. I use staff and creative meetings to continue to review and polish our core values, converting them into appropriate behaviors for each job category in our company. I use these in hiring and in performance evaluations.

Every person in the organization must has a copy of the appropriate behaviors for his or her job. Making our behaviors true to our values enables us to live out the potential of our organization.I had shown how personality profile can articulate the core of our business and organization: our core ideology (vision); the core (purpose and mission) of the company; and the fundamental values that shape our company’s behavior every day. b) I believe that for Pfizer.

INC the most important characteristics from the above presented , the following are most impacted by communication:  •    Strong, clearly expressed SHARED VALUES •    An appreciation of/for the WHOLE INDIVIDUAL and everything s/he can bring to the organization  •    Cultures that encourage OPENNESS and PLAYFULNESS  •    CELEBRATE SUCCESSES constantly     Intense CUSTOMER FOCUS •    CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAMS After going through an extensive values clarification process, they literally carved their core values in stone in the floor of the rotunda of their new offices. Pfizer demonstrated a clear understanding of the value each person brings to that organization and went to great lengths to encourage people to incorporate things from their “personal” lives into the professional setting. Pfizer go to great lengths to encourage communication throughout all levels of the organization. Pfizer has a regular schedule of company-wide events throughout the year to celebrate it’s accomplishments.

For maintaining intense costumer focus, Pfizer has even developed software for its call center that automatically routs incoming calls back to the original call taker, so that customers always speak with someone who is familiar with their shipment. Pfizer incorporated cross-functional teams and/or some form of cross functional training as a regular, formal methodology. Each project in development was team based, teams, at a minimum, were composed of designers, engineers, and marketing people. The impact of this approach upon the products in development is simply extraordinary.