Coming President Now Movement will everlastingly be a

Coming in to the light,
in my opinion means everything that are hidden, over looked, or false shall be
found to give the truth about certain understandings of situations.

true representation of coming to light was the false accusations of deaf people
not being intelligent (module 3unit two). Thirty years ago, people thought that
using sign language was bad and did not want children to participate in the
movement. Giving people the idea, that they were probably mentally ill or what
they called “handicap”. Not realizing that children use their hands before
learning how to speak as a baby. It gave all deaf people a bad reputation of
that included people think that they should not be able to work in the society
or they should not be able to do what hearing able people do. Which are driving
a car, having children, or worse that they should not be able to live. Which
falls into the myth lane of the deaf culture (module 1 unit one) each myth was
destroyed and the truth came to light. The myth that stood out the most was
deaf people cannot serve jury duty. A great woman by the name Marcella M. Meyer
destroyed that myth when she took action to become the first to serve jury
duty. She took action and was not denied. She went to different courts and law
establishments and won. She has a huge impact on the deaf society today.
Marcella is a hero to a lot and gained the respect other those that doubted the
notable occasions that happened in the Deaf President Now Movement will
everlastingly be a standout amongst the most discussed occasions in hard of
hearing group history. In Washington D.C. from March sixth to March thirteenth
in 1988 at Gallaudet University the world was shaken by an announcement
authoritatively made by the hard of hearing college. This huge development will
dependably be a standout amongst the most noteworthy for the hard of hearing
group. What happened was a remain to have the President of the school, which is
the national hard of hearing college in the United States, to likewise be hard
of hearing. It bodes well since for what reason would you not need the
President of your hard of hearing purposed school to resemble you, which is
hard of hearing. The stressed reason of significance here was that it was the
primary genuine dissent by hard of hearing individuals. Hard of hearing,
individuals did not have an ordinary dissent where everybody is shouting and
causing devastation; they had signs and made a respectable remain for what they
needed. In addition, additionally the Deaf President Now Movement, the hard of
hearing group had an enlivening of stimulation through theater and film.
Particularly the “Johnny Belinda” and “Offspring of Lesser
God” where notable occasions were in the set up class of being theater.
Not to detract from Charles Kraeul and his Preservation of ASL (that will be raised
later), yet the reality theater and amusement in the hard of hearing group was
currently not a “one time thing” was noteworthy. It made a completely
new industry for quiet movies as well.

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