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Common speaking, deforestation is a type of clearingor permanent destruction of large area of indigenous forests and woodlands.Human being do so to make the land available for other uses but ignoredthe effect of deforestation that will result in damaging the quality of lands.Do you know, forests are actually cover 31% land area of our planet, which isvery important to all the living things to maintain good living. Forestsproduced vital oxygen and habitat for lots of species of wildlife. Whendeforestation arise, many of them lost their living place and start to competewith each other. If the situation even worse, wildlife may also attack people.

Someexamples of deforestation are that, conversion of forestland to farms, ranches,or urban use. Hence, the most concentrated deforestation happens in tropicalforests. Tropical rain forests are useful and helpful for us. It is a hugestore of carbon, it can conserve soil nutrients, prevent large scales of erosionand it is large gene pool of plant resources. So, if deforestation take placeat tropical rain forests, there are many obstructive effect present to damageour ecosystem and living style.

Unfortunately, deforestation on a major scalehas been occurring in both developed and developing countries since about 1700when it is estimated that forests covered as much as 4.5 billion hectares ofthe planet. Data from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation(UNFAO) show that between year 1990 and 1995, forest cover reduce by 56.

3million hectares. This mean that an average worldwide rate of reduce of 11.3million hectares a year, four times greater than earlier rate. For fun fact, anarea the size of a soccer football pitch is cleared from the Amazon rainforest every minute, with 136 million acresof rainforest cleared for animal agriculture overall.

Not only legal cut down thetrees, there are also a lot of illegal deforestation happened in our planet. Furthermore,deforestation can cause global warming. (Refer Appendix 2.1). Deforestationcause the amount of carbon dioxide released to atmosphere higher than the sumof total of cars and truck in the world’s road. According to the World CarfreeNetwork (WCN), cars and trucks account for 14% of global carbon emission, whilemost analysts attribute upward of 15% to deforestation.