Communication these results, synchronizing and explanations of

Communication is a shared process in order to reach
to a platform of where mutual understanding takes place, where members trade facts,
news, ideas and feelings on the other hand also develop and share meaning of
that information. In general, communication is a medium that connects people
and areas or location. In business world, communication plays main purpose for
operating management that is an organization can only work within its branches,
departments also between levels, managers and employees on the basis of
communication. Thus, effective communication relates to that parties which are
involved in communication process must have precise and visible aspect of
information that have to be shared or conveyed between them.

Communication is counted as an instrument that set a
path in order to attaining both individual and organizational aims and goals
therefore makes efficient the flow of facts, information, data, inventing and conveying
thoughts, results, decision made on these results, synchronizing and explanations
of accomplishments. Communication delivers a harmony and agreement among the employees,
an appreciation of common beliefs, thoughts or opinions and feelings that are
important factors nourishing group efforts and accomplishing organizational
goals and objectives (Itodo, 2007). Also, Communication coins from Latin word
“communicare”, meaning “to make common” or “to share”. Therefore, it is a
process in which information is transferred between participants through shared
method that involves use of symbols, signs, or behavior (Ifeagwazi, 2007).

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According to Cole (2002), communication is a process
that generates, conveys and establish an understanding that describes feelings,
facts, ideas, and opinion. Sherlekar (2001) views communication as a continuing
process in which people takes part in by allocating meaning through transmitting
and sending information to each other. As communication is a process and it is
of different types, in which electronic communication is one of its type.
Electronic communication relates to information and communication technology that
is ICT.

What is ICT? Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) now a days plays an important role in service delivery and developmental
process of an organization thus according to Kuppusamy and Santhapparaj (2005)
ICT is a one of important factor that enhances development and has spread
through every organization sector and also in each home. It is demanded that
ICT for economy becomes an essential part as in case of industrial revolution
in which steam and machine power together are important (Hoek, 2001). Also ICT’s
impact on organization is positively high.