Community service Essay

Seventh day Adventist church has a mission statement that touched my heart when read it at first, that being We through Christ.

.. Embrace the adventure of truth provide insight and guidance to a healthful lifestyle Provide a caring and Christ centered education alternative Emphasize the importance of the three Angles messages Portray the true character of God” (seventh). These words though new to me touched me a lot, I am not normally a church going type of person but just so happens my neighbor is a pastor at this church.

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After being neighborly once or twice he ask me” what I do with my spare time? L stopped dead in my track because thought that he was going to ask me for a favor, after a awkward pause replied “mostly school ark and work on the house other than that nothing much why what’s up? ” he in return started to tell me about the youth outreach program, And I told him that I used to be in a big brother program when I was in the navy and lived in Virginia. As he smiled Bruno asked if I would like to come to the church and play basketball with them, I quickly replied “hell yeah”. So Bruno told when and time to be there.I went and brushed up on my skills, at this point I was a little rusty and did not want to be whooped on by some energetic little kids. So with a about 3-4 hours of practice I was feeling more confident about being able to keep up. When arrived at the church I noticed that I and Bruno were the first ones there.

Asked him if there was anything I could help with and to my surprise there was a lot. They have bible study a couple nights a week and they use the gym to setup up tables and chairs, so for us to play all of it had to be put away. Well little by little people showed up and help, soon there was nothing left but a clean basketball court.As we began to stretch Bruno spoke to the crowd about the importance of stretching, how there day had been, and how school and home were. I could tell that this was a close group of people to discuss so openly of their ivies with a stranger among the crowd.

As we started to warm up the adults Of the group help the younger kids with their shots and dribbling. When I first arrived I had a feeling that I would feel out of place in this element, but they went out of their way to make me feel like a long time member of the group. I smiled as I helped a little kid with his shot and ran and got the ball for him when he missed.I quickly gave some positive reinforcement and told him to try again and swoosh!! Right in the net tingled knowing that I just help this young child love the game of basketball. We played for 3-4 hours which thought was a long time but we were having so much fun that I never got tired. After Bruno called a huddle and calmed everyone down. He spoke to the little kids about the importance of being little kid as long sassy can, learn as much as you can, and that every day is a new day to learn a lesson whether it be positive or negative embrace the message and use it as you travel through life.

Bruno also brought about gangs and why it was important to do community activities and get together as a group and just have fun in a positive way. The last subject Bruno touched on was gangs ND the importance of monitoring one he told them the church should be there outlet and there extended family, if they had a problem they should bring up to them and they could help them through it with generations of positive experiences.As he wrapped up and they people said good bye I felt like had a new family to confide in and trust. I have not felt like that since I was in the military, it was nice know that in a crazy topside terry world like this there is still people that look out and care for one another. Thank for listening and hope that you come join us, the address and contact information is on the screen. Hope to see you soon.