Compact Discs and Vinyl Records Essay

The cost of creating a vinyl record is higher, which makes new vinyl more costly to purchase upfront.

Purchasing a pack of compact discs (CDs) as replacement is marginally less than what it would cost to replace a record. CDs are a better investment because of cost as well as portability. However, quality of sound in vinyl records is a good hobby and worth the investment. CDs and the vinyl record player-CDs can be played anywhere most anywhere today and on most any device. The Wii and Playstation consoles are not just for playing electronic video games. CDs can be played in the consoles as well.Most vehicles in today’s society, are equipped with CD players or provide equipment so that CDs can be heard.

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All vehicles that take people to and from, make travelling less stressful. Whether individuals are catching a plane, train, bus, or riding a bike, the CD can be heard. Hand held devices such as MP3 players, iPods, walkman, radio has made listening to CDs convenient. LPs are originally 16 inches in diameter, but the popular models used for music are 13 inches. Compact discs are 4. 75 inches in diameter, making portability much simpler. Record players are stationary.Records are made of black lacquer vinyl created with groove for a phonograph needle to navigate across.

Compact discs were invented to take the place of vinyl records, but without records where would the record player be? A form of turntables is still in the nightclubs. These are not the typical record players found sitting in the wooden case at home or at the family cookout. To move the DJ owned record players would almost take movers and a van. The new type of turntables are constantly developed and second-hand CD turntables are easy to come by via online auction sites and other sources.Although record players are not a thing of the past, they are getting harder to find.

Other than in nightclubs or at private parties, to see a record player in a home today would be seeing an antique. Concerning, planning for any occasion, many music fans turn to the turntables. Record collecting remains very popular even in the age of CDs and iPods. Buying rare records, though, requires research, and it all starts with price guides for rare records.

The sound quality is better in vinyl records than in CDs.CDs are recorded digitally, whereas vinyl records are analog recordings. When an analog signal is captured digitally on a CD, it loses its wide range of frequencies. Analog recordings, image the sound waves in their naturalist form. Records have grooves that match the analog sound to recreate every nuance that even the ear does not hear, making vinyl a more accurate sound. Vinyl records are analog recordings, which produces the sound waves in their natural form. Records have grooves that match the analog sound to recreate every fine distinction that even the ear does not hear.

Digital recordings captures a percentage of the sound really recorded. Compact discs are constructed of polycarbonate plastic coated with aluminum and a thin translucent acrylic protective coating. CDs are recorded digitally, which captures only a percentage of the sound recorded.

Most recording CDs music range from $19 to $100 depending on if it is a single disc or a collection of three or more. Records enough of the sound wave that it sounds full enough to the human ear Digital recording only captures a percentage of the sound created.When a CD is played back through a speaker, the speaker converts it to into an analog signal which is sent to the amplifier. CDs are easier on the pocket than vinyl records to replace. Music can be downloaded onto CDs from many websites.

To name a few, Amazon. com, iTunes, just about any place or website that sells music has a place for consumers to purchase a CDs. The fee to purchase a download range from approximately 99 cents to $5.

99. One time cost for home recording software. There are software programs that can be downloaded free from websites with the intentions to burn CDs.To download any of these burners, mean that other than the cost of a pack of CDs to replace a record is free.

The cost of replacing a CD is slightly less than replacing a record. Currently consumers can purchase a blank pack of CDs for approximately $10. 99 to $40. 99. These prices depend upon the length and the brand of CD. With CDs on the scene, vinyl records seem to be going the way of cassettes and eight-track tapes.

Today, there are collectors interested in the purchase vinyl records. To purchase vinyl records mean that individuals will have to et in touch with a collector. A collector’s official price guide is gauged by the value of their records from following auction sales of identical and similar records. Rare records often sell through auction houses, but online auction sites such as eBay are extremely popular sources of information on what collectors are paying for certain records. Understand supply and demand of selling records.

Owning a chart-topping record is like owning a famous book. Because there were so many printed, they’re easy to find and the value goes down.Compared to records, CDs are easily scratched; then will need to be replaced. Sound quality of a record, however, can be degraded by continuous use or dust. Some scratches on the record can cause static, and this can sometimes be overheard in moments of silence the recording.

Although, a digital recording is less likely to degrade in quality compared to records, CDs are easily scratched. The cost of replacing a CD, though, is marginally less than that of replacing a record. In closing, CDs are more enjoyable because of the cost of replacement and portability.While for the same reasons, cost of replacements and portability; vinyl records would make a better hobby as well as worth the investment. Work Cited eHow website: Difference Between Vinyl ; CD by Libby Walkup. Read more: Difference Between Vinyl ; CD | eHow.

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