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        The Company: LaComunity is the primary eventrental stage in Spain and one of the principle in Europe. Since April 2013, LaComunity.comhas accomplished an outstanding success in rentals. Francesc Sanz Puigdemont is an internet entrepreneur and Founder & CEO which he is making rent so easy and taking LaComunity a wholenew level. They are trying the best to make the firm more fundamentally, lessrequesting, faster, more secured and sensible to rent a townhouse, a house orany exceptional place you desire.

Theycurrently have more than 100.000 properties in 79 countries and 1.480 urbanzones in a minute booking and a continually developing of customers. Product: With more than 75.000 apartments, rooms,villas, boats and unique accommodationchoices all over the world with a good accommodation experience guaranteed. From3 to 5 stars hotels. With LaComunity the quality of the accommodations will be dependingon the budget.

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 The Market:Two of the maincompetitors of LaComunity. The first one is who’s founder is ClausSorensen who decided to focus on holiday rentals in Spain. He had discoveredthat there weren’t many holiday rental properties available online and he saw agreat potential for developing this as a business.

Later, many more websitesfollowed. The second competitor is Casamundo, which is made for people who are looking for an individual holiday home that caters tohe/she in every need. Casamundo features more than 380,000 holiday homes ofevery range, in locations throughout the United States and Europe.

Casamundohas very helpful customer service, confirmed methods and safebooking process. Their customers are usually travelers who tend to sightseetouristic places, who are exploring different cultures around the world, familiesor students who are on vacation. One of their interesting trends is that customercan easily reserve a unique accommodation on their mobile phone in just coupleof clicks  MarketingPlan: According to my research I have managed to be reading their website and several other sites, LaComunity is targeting the Travelers and the Host. These two target segmentations are vivacious for LaComunity’s business structure because they are at the center of their profitability.

The travelers would rather spend their time in visiting touristic places while they travel because they will not be spending much time where they will be staying. The hosts which who are owners or renters who are willing to rent out their places. They are looking to list their current place on LaComunity because they have the ability to get to know who will be staying in their property. They market their product via the property of the hosts being displayed on their page, so hosts get the opportunity to increase their income when renting out their rooms or homes. A place per night, a monthly average price, In addition, travelers can rent their vacation homes for a bit less but for longer days than average.

With variety of prices, “low from high” price option in the web site, guest get to choose their favorite match in a wide range of costs. Guests are able to explore dreamlands of destinations listed in the web site. SWOT Analysis:Strength: ·      The only website that offers apartments and quality houses, managed byprofessionals and with a good accommodation experience guaranteed.

·      An excellent customer service operating 24/7.·      Guarantee of safety for a host.·      Lower prices compared to hotels, and additional income for host fromrental. Weakness:·      LaComunity isdriving up rental prices by increasing the scarcity of housing within cities.·      The idea iseasily copied.

·      Opponentsfrom the hotel industry such as lobbyists are fighting against the concept.·      People who experienceproblems and leave a review on social media.Opportunities: ·      Growing popularitybecause of interest of celebrities. E.g. A celebrity puts his mansion for rent.

·      Possibilityto expand. ·      Exploitable marketsin countries where hotel services are expansive.·      Dissatisfactionwith hotels due to high prices.Threats: ·      An alternative concept in future mayarise.·      Growing competitors ·      Growing number of high-quality hostelsor budget hotels which offers low prices and 24/7 customer support and friendlystaff·      Increasing number of issues with unpleasanthost.