Compare and Contrast: Death of a Salesman ; Oedipus Essay

Compare and CotrastSeparated by about 3000 old ages of literature. two dramas can still incorporate similar elements and features that tie the two together. This is the instance between the two dramas.

Oedipus The King and its counterpart Death of a Salesman. one written about 430 BC and the other written in 1949. When first reading this book. one might oppugn. what could these narratives perchance have in common ; one is about a male monarch who discovers he has killed his male parent and copulated with his female parent and the other about a salesman with self-destructive inclinations and unachievable dreams. As the reader farther analysis the narrative. the implicit in similarities become more evident even as one might state that there are no dealingss between the two narratives. Looking into the chief supporter of both dramas.

we realize that they are strikingly similar in facets related to their disdainful personality. demeanour. and disposition.

all rather apparent in the manner they handle their personal struggles which leads to their eventual ruins. Analyzing these characters their shared traits become rather obvious to the reader.Unwraping the two dramas. we are faced with these two characters with strikingly similar personalities.

Both disdainful work forces. this trait becomes rather evident when turn toing other of their ain virtues. In the really beginning of the drama Oedipus the King.

Oedipus is turn toing the conditions of the people and alternatively of truly turn toing the issues of the pestilence Oedipus uses it as an alibi to praise himself farther stating. “Here I am myself- you all know me. the universe knows my celebrity ; I am Oedipus” ( Sophocles 1156: 6-8 ) . His words of bluster demo his disdainful personality. that he is above all and that he is known by all even as far to state “the universe knows [ his ] celebrity ( 1156: 7 ) .

As the drama moves farther along. his pride becomes more and more apparent when Tiresias the blind prophesier has named him the corruptness and expletive of the land. He shrugs it off and denies it with false assurance reacting to her stating “you can’t ache me or anyone else who sees the light- you can ne’er touch me ( 1167: 427-428 ) . The bringing and manner Oedipus says this statement is said with a injury pride covered up by false assurance. In the same manner. Willy.

the chief supporter of Death of a Salesman. is a rather disdainful adult male who covers up his ain short approachs with grandeur psychotic beliefs and false assurance in himself.In one case. talking to his male childs. giving them advice on how to win: WILLY: Because the adult male who makes an visual aspect in the concern universe. the adult male who creates personal involvement. is the adult male who gets in front. Be liked and you will ne’er desire.

You take me. for case. I ne’er have to wait in line to see a purchaser. “Willy Loman is here! ” That’s all they have to cognize.

and I go right through! ( Death of a Salesman 1435. Act I ) Willy gives apparently sound advice but he besides takes it as an chance to whiff out his thorax in bluster and state that he himself is good liked by everyone “never hav [ ing ] to wait in line to see a buyer” ( 1435. Act I ) . This is all for show. pluming himself as a adult male who has succeeded in the universe of concern. in truth it is nil more at that place mere false assurance. When turn toing his married woman about his trips up north to New England and his gross revenues he contradicts himself when he say that he is “very good liked in Hartford… the problem is… people don’t seem to take to me” ( 1437.

Act I ) . All this false assurance and pride comes to light when he makes such statements even though he knows otherwise. Both Oedipus and Willy hold this disdainful personality that allows the drama to impel of it. finally taking to their ain ego death in one manner or another.Referencing to their ain ego death. the eventual waies they choose leads to the results of how the narratives end up. How this goes approximately is how they decide their ain destinies. taking to cover with state of affairss in the incorrect ways or all together disregarding others all together in beliefs that they are in the right.

In the narrative Death of a Salesman. Willy is confronted with fiscal issues which become evident when he and Linda are discoursing the month’s payments in which he owes a “hundred and 20 dollars! If [ his ] concern [ doesn’t ] pick up [ he won’t ] cognize what [ he’s ] gon na do” ( 1436 Act I ) . This job could hold merely been remedied when his neighbour had come for a visit:CHARLEY: You want a occupation?WILLY: I got a occupation. I told you that. ( After a little intermission ) . What the snake pit are you offering me a occupation for?CHARLEY: Don’t acquire insulted.

WILLY: Don’t diss me. ( 1440 Act I )The manner he handled the state of affairs was hapless at best. and he had done so in a disdainful mode as though his self-respect was being attacked. Alternatively he could hold merely looked into the possible venture which would hold helped with pecuniary issues at place. These pecuniary issues attributed to his eventual self-destruction subsequently on in the drama. It becomes evident that Willy trades with such state of affairss with choler. a intimation of choler and as though he himself was being attacked. Oedipus trades with his incestuous job with the same idiosyncrasy.

When he himself has been accused of doing the pestilence in the metropolis by Tiresias the blind prophesier. he denies mistake alternatively stating that Creon has put her up to it in order to over through him in which he says to Creon himself “You-here? You have the saddle sore to demo your face before the castle Gatess? You. plotting to kill me. kill the king-I see it all.

the marauding stealer himself intriguing to steal my Crown and power” ( Sophocles 1171: 594-598 ) . Here we see him covering with the state of affairs ill with angst. as though he himself was being attacked. .

Alternatively of undertaking with the issue caput on. he prefers to avoid the incrimination and alternatively play the victim. The two supporter of both dramas. face their ain jobs with choler. and a feeling as though they themselves were under fire.

that they were being criticized. These lead to their eventual ruin as the dramas easy advancement onwards fueled by their ain determinations and idiosyncrasies.

Tiing all these elements together the two chief supporter become the major point of most of the similarities between Oedipus the King and Death of a Salesman. Their behaviour and personality reflect that of disdainful adult male who hides behind false bluster and assurance in efforts to avoid their jobs.

Their efforts to avoid the job prevarication in the manner they handle state of affairss with choler and a feeling as though they were under unfavorable judgment. All this brings the dramas to a full circle. holding the two chief supporters bring about their ain ego devastation.Work CitedMiller. Arthur.

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