Compare and Contrast the Advert Blackpooland Ibiza Essay

Name:Alpha KoromaDate:27/09/12 Access to Health & Human Science, Nursing, Social Work and Law Reading and comprehension of Texts – Poetry (FC4/3/LN/041) Task 1 (Assessment Criteria 1. 1, 1. 2, 1. 3, 1. 4, 1. 5, 1. 6, 1. 7, 1. 8, 1. 9) * Demonstrate an active and contributory role within the group discussion process to produce a mind-map. Students will focus their group discussions and evidence on what they feel is the meaning of the poem, but also demonstrate their understanding of the tone of the poem, the use of language, the structure of the poem and poetic techniques used.

Students must also discuss and evidence their understanding of the social, historical and cultural features which they feel are explicit and implicit within the poem and whether they feel the poem has relevance in today’s society (1. 1) * Analyse the meaning of the poem Half-Caste by John Agard (1. 2) The poem was trying to change the perception and attitude of people who consider mix-race to be inferior. It is trying to say people should not be labelled because of their colour of ethnicity. You being a mix-race should make you proud and people should not look upon you as a half person.

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The poem is also trying to promote equality in modern society. Let take in the case of music, playing a single note produces poor sound not until you mix it with different instruments, then you can get a better sound. In arts, using a single paint produces dull image but when you mix it with different colour, it becomes attractive to people. This is trying to say being a mix-race is a beauty with two colours mix together. * Interpret critically the poet’s intentions (1. 3) The intentions of the poet’s, is to achieve equality in society.

People should not classify others by race or colour of ethnicity. He also ask the reader to go and think about discrimination and the word “half-cast” and come back to him “an I will tell ye de other half of my story”. * Evaluate the tone of the poem (1. 4) The tone of the poem is anger and humour. Anger because I sense the outrage in his poem “ah rass” and “excuse me” Humour when he talks about the England weather “well in dat case England weather nearly always half-cast in fact some of them cloud half-cast till dem over cast”. Examine and evaluate the structure of the poem (1. 5) The poem has short quick sentences with no punctuation. He write the way he speak, which he is proud of. He is also trying to bring cultures together. He is proud to write in mix dialetes. * Examine and evaluate the use of language in the poem (1. 6) The poet used Caribbean dialect (creole) and Standard English. He was proud to use these two dialects to show that he is proud of his mixed culture, half English and half Caribbean. Identify poetic techniques used in the poem and summarise what effect the techniques have on the meaning of the poem (1. 7) The poetic techniques used in the poem are many. There are no punctuation, repetition to emphasis some point “explain yuself wha u mean” imagery, metaphor, light and shadow white key, some humour talking about the weather and anger ”ah rass”. * Analyse the social, historical and cultural features either explicit or implicit within the poem (1. 8) There are historical and cultural features in the poem.

During the 70s, there was a lot of racial, colour and ethnicity abuse compare to 2012, where society is more acceptable and diverse ethnicities. Eg: Education, being mix-race is acceptable now freely in schools without any bullying. * Evaluate the relevance of the poem in today’s society (1. 9) It is still relevant in 2012, though not compared to 1977. In present society, there are few who still classifying races and ethnicities. Society has become much more diverse, there are lots of different ethnicities, so people are used to mixing now.