Compare the Ways Mood Is Presented in ‘the Laboratory’, ‘My Last Duchess’, ‘Hitcher’ and ‘Salome’ Essay

Mood is a state of feeling stimulated by a particular apparatus or situation.

It can also be a distinct emotional characteristics/ theme of a particular item. Mood is reflected in the four poems by the different poets utilising various devices and techniques such as the diction, language, alliteration etc, in order to display a certain message to the audience. The poem ‘Hitcher’ refers to the environment in order to set up the mood.The first stanza holds the quote “I’d been tired under the weather”, which shows that the weather stimulated the feeling of the character in this poem, in this case the character is referring that the weather was responsible of making him feel tired. This shows that he wasn’t feeling quite well and maybe was depressed or was not in a good piece of mind. Then in the last stanza of the poem states “the outlook for the day was moderate to fair”.This was stated after the murder which suggests that suddenly after he committed the murder, the weather seemed so much better to him than before the murder or maybe the weather was consistent all throughout, when the character thought something to be physiologically different. On the other hand, perhaps the character just used the weather as a justification to project him as mentally ill or a person who can do with some help, in order to get away with the murder and also gain sympathy for his act.

Contrasting to the ‘Hitcher’, the poem ‘My Last Duchess’ uses an object to trigger the mood.The opening lines; “that’s my last duchess painted on the wall, looking as if she was alive” connotes that every time the character looks at a particular object (in this case perhaps a portrait or a certain part of a wall) it stimulates, what seems to be, the same reaction each time. The character feels that the Duchess is still alive when he looks at that item.

If the item is just a wall perhaps he recalls the memories with the Duchess or in case of that item being a portrait, this could be a comment on how well the painting is painted that it looks real. The structure of ‘My Last Duchess’ personally triggers off an instant reaction to me.The piece is just one long and continuous poem consisting of 56 lines. The long structure personally says to me that the piece might be either depressing or boring or it can also possibly be a very long, descriptive and engaging piece of text.

The two poems are a good sample of the two moods presented by using two different techniques each one. The hitcher intends to justify as well as make us sympathise with his actions while my last duchess uses its devices to either feel depressed about the poem or to either show the feeling of the character towards the Duchess.