Comparison Between Western Culture and Chinese Culture Essay

As we all know, there’re numerous differences between the educational system in western countries and that in China. And I intend to focus on the comparison between Chinese and American educational system. First and foremost, the entrance exam to university in these two countries has huge differences. In China, both parents and students attach great importance to this exam because everybody has only one chance to compete against all the other students. To some extent, the entrance exam to university is probably the fairest exam in China.

It can provide the students in rural areas a precious opportunity to shine and to receive further education in cities. However, every coin has two sides. Since everyone has only one chance, the pressure accumulated may crash a student during an exam. We’ve heard so many cases about how an excellent student failed to perform well in the entrance exam to university. So from a different perspective, I consider it quite “unfair” because everybody has only one chance. But in the United States, students can take their exams-SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) as many as they want.

And they may use the score that give them most advantages to apply to their universities. In my opinion, this kind of approach can certainly reduce the pressure of the students and China should adopt this method and implement it as soon as possible in spite of all the difficulties that we may encounter. Besides the entrance exams to university, people have different opinions towards universities.

In China, many students go into universities right after they finish their high school.But in the United States, many students may choose to take a gap year before becoming university students. They take a year to seek what they want and who they want to be in the future, giving them a more sophisticated and broadened horizon. And after they enter the universities, they will be more adapted to the campus life there and be sure of what they want to choose as their major, which certainly is totally different in China because most of us barely know anything about our major before making the decision.

As far as I’m concerned, university time is the golden time for study. But in China, it is probably the easiest time for most of the students because they seldom take the courses seriously. University students in China have many problems.

They skip classes from time to time and only study before the exams. Although I have to admit us university students should take the responsibility that we do not behave well, there’re reasons for our behaviors.