Comparison of the Latino (Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban) Essay

Comparison of the Latino (Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban)Immigration to the United StatesIntergenerational patterns characterize Mexican immigration, aside from the back-and-forth migration that was prevalent in the mid-1800s. A more relevant consideration would be the fact that Mexico was invaded by the U.S., accompanied by extensive exploitative and oppressive experience from them.

The actuality also that they were displaced on their own native lands is another factor. An issue about the need for labor and exclusion stated in the article that racial and cultural biases were present, which caused the continuous admission and deportation of the Mexicans in the U.S.Manifested also in Puerto-Rican immigration were the Intergenerational patterns, as well as continuous immigration-emigration systems caused by the fusion between the Puerto-Rican and American economy between 1940s and 1990s.

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It was noted that there was a vast unemployment in Puerto-Rico, pushing them to find fortune in the United States, and if the case that success was not achieved, their tendency was to fly back to their country. To compare with Mexico, although it was not that apparent, the laborers were also subjected to ill-treatment as they were exposed to the same working conditions they were not expecting to happen, which was the same with their own country’s labor system.Cuba was also a victim of oppression by the United States.  Some of their reasons for migrating to the United States were also because of the economic struggle in their country at that time. In line with their thirst for independence, many industries, especially their tobacco industry, were destroyed. As an option, tobacco workers migrated to the U.

S. Because of this, they were more appropriately called as refugees, rather than immigrants.All these three countries were motivated by the fact that they were not satisfied on the economic statuses they got a hold of in the past. Political reasons were also the driving force which drove them to try to make it in the United States.

They all had a psychology that the United States will be the haven of peace for them, but in fact all of them were abused, manifested on different types, but still, exploited.ReferenceAlicea, M. (1993). The Latino Immigration Experience: The Case of Mexicanos, Puertorriqueños, and Cubanos. In Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Literature and Art. Florida: Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana.