Competency Goal V Essay

Competency Goal V ECE 103 To Ensure a Well-Run, Purposeful Program Responsive to Participant Needs When a child enters child care, it is important that the program be responsive to participant needs. Organization is the key when the program of the child care facility is successful. The provider of a child care home is solely responsible for all record keeping. I maintain up to date records on each child for; immunizations, yearly medical physicals, any behaviors or incidents that may cause alarm, emergency contact information, signed contracts and birth certificates.

I am also involved with the Paths to Quality program which assists providers on record keeping. My child care home goes above the minimum and also keeps journals and portfolios for each child who is enrolled. My child care home uses a professional curriculum that involves the “whole child” from the ages of 2-5. Each day consists of a complete learning experience. Every Sunday evening is dedicated to reviewing the next week’s curriculum.

With reviewing the curriculum I change the weekly chart that is used for the focus letter, number, color, shape, focus cards and weather. Each month, I receive a curriculum book that provides information for activities and learning experiences. This is reviewed monthly, weekly and daily. Our menu is made weekly. The children help decide what we will have on our menu each week. This helps with teaching the children to organize and to choose proper food groups. When the menu is complete, I ensure that the food is ready Sunday evening for the following week.

Different types of record keeping are used in my child care home. The state required record keeping is kept in a file cart with each child having their own file folder. The file folder is updated on a regular basis to ensure that all state required information is up to date. I use a clipboard throughout each day to document each child’s experience. A note goes home daily with each child to document what activities they participated in, what they ate; and for the smaller children, when they had their diaper changes.

Each child has a cubby that the daily report is sent to at the end of the day. The report then goes home with the child. A portfolio is kept for each child to use for parent conferences yearly or bi-yearly to show their child’s progress. My child are home does not have employees; however, I do work with many people to ensure my child care is ran successfully. I work closely with a mentor form 4C of Southern Indiana. The mentor gives suggestions/advice on ideas to work toward the next level.

The mentor comes to my home monthly to help with issues I may have, educational training schedules, room arrangements, sensory and center ideas. I have used her advice and am working on my level 3 with Paths to Quality. I also work closely with Joy Shell who is the Home Child Care Consultant for our region. With her advice, I keep in compliance with all state regulations. Each child deserves to be involved in a well-run child care program. It is important to me that my child care meets the needs of each child and is purposeful to all who enroll.