Competitive Advantage Factor of Victory Liner Essay

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM Background of the Study Victory Liner Inc. Is one of the largest and pioneer bus companies in the Philippines, also it has more than ten times the number of units it had when it was incorporated in 1953. Mr. Jose Hernandez , the pioneer, was a pre-machine. He collected bits and pieces of machinery, metals and spare to build from scratch a delivery truck for his family’s buy and sell business of rice, corn, vegetables and their homemade laundry soap.Upon completion of the truck, he was surprised to see that what he envisions to be a delivery truck turns out to be more like a bus. In October 15, 1945, Mr.

Hernandez’s first bus plied the Manila-Olongapo Manila Line. He was the driver and Leonardo D. Trinidad, a brother in law, was his conductor. “Victory Joe” is the original named of Victory Liner. The phase Victory Joe, reminiscent of America’s Victory in the world war II he came a household word.Since Hernandez’s first name is Jose, the English Version of which is “Joe”, Mr. Hernandez thought that Victory Liner would be a catchy name for his enterprise and so he adapted it. In 1960’s, through the ingenuity of Jose Hernadez Sr.

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, Victory Liner Pioneered in hte conversion of front engine buses and the use of steel – bodied buses, in this decade, the company adapted the use of diesel engines for its growing fleet. 1970’s, Victory Liner provided the riding public with air-conditional bus service, novelty at that time.It was the first bus company to institute the queuing system for orderly boarding of buses.

During the 1990s , the emergency of new bus terminals in Metro Manila came upon. It has maintained stability amidst setbacks resulting from the 1990 earthquake, the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the 1992 Withdrawal of U. S. Military Bases, the 1995 heavy Lahar flows, and the high borrowing cost that crippled the countries economy’s since July 11, 1997 de facto devaluation, all of which adversary affected its main routes.Though times are harder than it was 50 years ago, the company program is continuously undertaking an aggressive computerization program of its system along with ongoing modernization an upgrading of its fleet and facilities.

For how many years of service, the company has undertaken a continuous modernization program which includes the enhancement of its management information technology, intensive human resource training and development, replacement of old buses, and improvement of existing terminals.Victory Liner’s servicing routes are to the provinces of Northern Luzon, including the provinces of Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Cagayan. Scale| Description| Interpretation| 4| Very Good Service| Service is very extensive and or functioning well (76%-100%)| 3| Good Service| Service is met and or functioning adequately (51%-75%)| 2| Fair Service| Service is limited and or functioning minimally (26%-50%)| 1| Poor Service| Service is very limited and or not functioning (0%-25%)| .