Competitive Advantages Essay

Business people – Families – Happy couples – High end singles which also refers to students and tourists Those are the target of our tavern. We choose these specific groups because they are the types of people who frequent other restaurant in the area. They are the groups of people who look and dine in, in each restaurant every single day. They are also the ones who are willing to spend their money for a good dining and service at a value price.

Also now a day’s these people don’t have enough time to prepare food in their houses, and end up checking in a good restaurant in the area. One more factor is that these groups become more outgoing.They love going out with different people and socialize with them. Also these types of people enjoys going out because it serves as a “quality time” with one another. Competitive Advantages Our competitive edge for our tavern is the environment or the atmosphere of the restaurant, the menu, the service and the chef. These are the factors that will differentiate us big time from our competitors. We evaluate every single detail in each factor.

From all of these competitive advantages we choose the three strongest competitive advantages for our restaurant which are the Environment, the service and the chef.First, we have the environment, Despite of having numerous of competitors in this area we still came up of advantages that will make our customers come again and again. For our environment or atmosphere, we will be having a cozy atmosphere. We will be having warm decors and lightning all around the place.

The place as it was said earlier will be inspired by Greece. The customers once they enter the door they will feel and sees that as if they are in Greece. We will be also providing comfortable furniture like tables and chairs.We believe that this is one of the important things in a restaurant because customers look as well for being comfortable while having their meal. They can’t eat well they are not sitting in a comfortable chairs and tables. We will also be setting a private dining area. This area will be offer to people who wants to be in a private area. For example for business people, of course they look for an area where there can have enough silence or maybe they are talking about confidential matters.

We will be offering this area to them. We are going to have some entertainment sessions in the tavern.We will have live band or singers every twice a week and the rest of the day will be only music played on in different genre…We are also setting free wifi in the area because we believe that in these modern days free wifi is important. WiFi access is considered an important amenity in a restaurant. People take pictures of them and then tag the restaurant name then put them online. That is too mainstream or very common now a day. That why we think of setting wifi access in the restaurant. For our services, we will make sure we give our 101 percent of our good service.

Great service is important to us because it is also one important factor that the customers look in a restaurant. It is nonsense if we serve delicious food but we have a bad service, right? Customers won’t come back to us again. It is rare for a restaurant to have both good food and service but we promise you we will have that in our tavern. Every employee we’ll be professionals.

Each employee will be well trained by the management. Also, we the management decided that every employee must have knowledge about Greece because it is important for them to know something about the restaurant.And also if a customer asks about the restaurant or the Greek food, they will be ready to answer questions. There will be great flexibility in the service. We will hire enough employees so everything will run smoothly and under control.

There will be great efficiency in our restaurant, we ensure you that. Also, we decided that every management team of our restaurant will be present in the tavern to watch out and maybe as well entertain customers if they are having a good time. We will be very friendly yet professionals in our work.We want them to feel as if it’s their second home. Now for our Chef, the chef we will be hiring in our restaurant must be a great – awesome chef. We are hiring a Greek chef.

We believe it’s one of the advantages a chef can have to cook for a Greek restaurant. Of course he has great knowledge about Greek cuisines. He must be also creative and not afraid to make or experiment new dishes for the tavern, so that we always have new dishes to offer our customers. He must also be very professional in the work.

These are the competitive advantages we have for our restaurant.These factors will completely differentiate us from our competitors. And we believe we point out all the factors that will help us be one of the best Greek restaurant in South east London. Unique selling point We believe that those are our unique selling because we will be the only Greek tavern in South east London who offer those things. I mean, who else have this strategy to sell out to the customers. We believe it’s only us. People will be curious in the quality we are going to offer them because of the unique selling point of our tavern.

Summary Our Greek Tavern Zeus will be one of the best restaurants in South East London. The management team put out a lot of effort to make a good plan to start our business. We have great control in every factor we are going to use from the suppliers to expenses to location and to our products.

So we believe that our tavern will not just last for 2 – 3 years. We will make sure that we will have sustainable competitive advantages that even if other restaurant tries to follow us, they will never surpass what we have started or established.