Completing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from

Completing my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from a university that offered a multidisciplinary curriculum was one of the defining aspects of my life. It was here that I was given the opportunity to study and experiment the intermingling of different fields of study. While completing the various courses in Biotechnology offered by the Life Sciences department of my alma-mater, I was allured by the immense advancements that were taking place in the field of medicine and realized that concepts of electrical machines and wireless technologies could be coupled with medical studies to develop devices that can help in early and effective diagnosis as well as monitoring of treatment. This was the precursor to my interest in Biomedical Engineering.

Later, during the summer of 2017, I had volunteered with a school of differently-abled students wherein I taught them Biology and performed biological lab experiments with them. The small amount of time I spent with those students gave me many life changing lessons and experiences which I hadn’t acquired in 22 years of my life. The determination displayed by the students to perform well in life and change the perceptions which many people have towards differently-abled people was an enlightening experience for me. Working with these young and aspiring minds proved to be a life changing incident for me and I decided that I wanted to be a part of a team which carried out research and development of devices that assists in making the lives of differently-abled people a little easier.

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The exposure to Biotechnology during my under graduate years and my work with these students awakened in me a desire towards improving the healthcare treatment and in turn contributing towards the betterment of people’s lives. And in order to fulfill this desire, I have now decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and thus present myself as a probable student of your school.

I believe that I was blessed with the virtues of curiosity and reasoning since a very tender age and these traits enabled me to go an extra mile towards gaining a deeper understanding of my subjects. Having studied in one of the best schools of my city – which is popular for inculcating values of discipline and diligence in its students – I was trained to give my best in every activity that I undertook. This coupled with my inherent tendency of being a perfectionist made me excel not just in academics but also in extracurricular activities such as Dance. I still recall with fondness my group dance in front of APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, former president and my idol since childhood. It was a dream come true for me to be given an opportunity to perform an art I am passionate about in front of a person whose life story has always inspired me and I recall the applaud our group dance had received. Another motivating moment of my school years was the time when I was awarded a subject proficiency award for scoring highest marks in Biology in Class XII. Being applauded in front of a huge crowd for my hard work instilled a new motivation in me to give my best to everything I took up.

Since I developed a proclivity towards Math and Physics in the Senior Year of school, I started exploring about a potential career that I can pursue in these subjects and that is when I decided to go for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Having made up my mind, I joined Shiv Nadar University in my chosen field and found the inter-disciplinary coursework extremely interesting. Studying multiple courses in Life Sciences along with my major in Electrical Engineering was an eye opener for me and I found myself being drawn towards subjects such as ‘Genetic Engineering’ and ‘Biotechnology’. It was interesting to study how a particular genetic effect could be rectified in a fetus through the application of gene therapy or how a genetically modified variety of a crop, rich in a particular nutrient or disease resistant, could be developed. I also thoroughly enjoyed studying about microprocessors and microcontrollers. Every electronic device today is controlled by the microprocessor and microcontroller chips and studying about how a particular chip can be controlled to perform complex function was both challenging and interesting. My department faculty also harped on getting practical experience – beyond performing the mandatory lab practical – and thus I undertook an Internship in “PCB designing process” with Robosapiens Technologies Pvt Ltd. For my final year project, I developed a wireless system in which plug in electric vehicles can send a signal wirelessly to a power grid operator to notify that it required charging. The project was carried out keeping in mind a hypothetical scenario in which electrical vehicles run on road and an architecture exists which allows multiple vehicles to charge themselves through a power grid. I also demonstrated a one way wireless communication between a vehicle and grid using Zigbees and Arduino boards. The internship and project helped me clear my theoretical concept and made me industry ready.

Apart from performing well in academics during my under graduate years, I also continued my extra-curricular pursuits and was part of a number of dance clubs. Dancing has always been my stress buster and I have been trained in classical dancing for more than 10 years. I also honed my public speaking skills during my under graduate years when I finally decided to get over my stage fright. The end of term presentations in all the electives provided me a platform to overcome my diffidence and stage fright. And by the end of my under-graduation, I had successfully participated in various debating and discussion events.

Post my under graduation, I joined KPIT TECHNOLOGIES as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and Successfully completed training program titled “Genesis” and stream training in Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR). I then joined QA INFOTECH and have been working as a Software Testing Engineer. My current role as a tester has given me a wonderful opportunity to expose and adapt myself to the corporate culture. The stint has instilled professional and diplomatic qualities which are imperative while working with a team. During the past 1.5 years of corporate experience, I have become well versed with programming languages like Embedded C, C and C++.

However, my recent volunteering activity and the constant desire to pursue a career that would help me improve the current assisting devices and develop new ones to make the life of specially challenged people simpler has motivated me to put my career on hold and become a student once again. I thus apply to the MS Biomedical Engineering Program of your school with a vision to work in an esteemed organization like Siemens Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson or GE Healthcare. I would like to work for a company manufacturing diagnostic devices such as MRI, CT Scanners or a company that produces prosthetic limbs and believe that my technical knowledge coupled with the learning’s’ gained at your school will help me contribute to these organizations. After gaining some experience of working in the medical device industry, I intend to research in the field of tissue engineering and be a part of a team that can provide hope for visually and hearing impaired in the future.

I strongly believe that the unmatched educational quality provided by your faculty coupled with the extensively researched curriculum at your University would broaden my horizons and expose me to a variety of perspectives and help me build my knowledge. I believe that studying with a diverse group of peers in your university, I would further get the opportunity to widen my horizons and learn valuable lessons from across the world. I look forward enthusiastically at becoming a part of your University.