Computer Addiction Essay

Computers became very famous in developing a healthy industry and economy, people were drastically affected due to this innovative technological device. Although this has many guaranteed benefits, it also has bad impacts into many things. In addition, internet that has been invented during the computer era, that is highly concerned in modern wireless communication, World-wide networking via the World Wide Web. When these two are combined, the impacts to the people and society who are especially passionate about it may be surreal. In this new generation, it is very usual that many people uses computer in everyday especially the teenagers.

Most of the time, teenagers were obligated to use computers for doing their home work, projects and other school related research. Sometimes, however, they may just use computers to play games, to socialize via internet and just use the resources of the computer for leisure purposes. But this principle sometimes changes, many of the users consider that the computer is their primary need; meaning that they should have to use it half a day or more. This has become a major factor because of the new technology, new software or games, and the wider internet – social media or entertainment.

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Because of the internet, users can get useful facts or information by researching to various websites. The search engines such as www. google. com or www. ask. com became very popular in regarding the use of computers for research projects. On the other hand, social internet sites such as Friendster, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter have just become very popular and a reason for computer addiction since then, especially to teenagers. Because of these social sites, a person who has a registered account can connect to other people, it has applications and games that users can freely access.

It is also capable of entertaining and informing users by status updates, funny pages, and useful links but these features has also became the major factors on why the users have been abusing computer privileges. There are many other sites that users can access through internet but because of these websites, including the social networking sites as well as internet pornography sites, many users became passionate and somehow addicted. Video games installed in computers are not unusual or rare. Every computer has games installed that can play single player, two players or multi-players.

The most popular, online games have become very famous since the internet era has been developed. The online games such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Tetris Battle, are the most popular to the gamers club. Because of these games, users can freely use their tactic skills and special techniques but somehow, being passionate in these games like spending an hour in each game-play is considered to be normal but sometimes, things went too much exciting and challenging so that the player who extends more than 5 hours of gaming, is considered to be abnormally addicted to the computer.

Computers have a great role in our lives. It is the answer to our problems but sometimes computers might become our critical problem based on its treatment. Gaming, net surfing, chatting and much more are just the common activities that we can do. Depending on our usage of the computer, however, a lot of time can be consumed, at which point it is considered to be inappropriate. As computer dependency is increasing among the users, so is the rate of computer abuse and addiction. Realising its capabilities, users need to balance their lives against the use of computers.