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Computer engineers deals with computers and various other technological devices, and is also called a software engineer.  They are involved in making our computers and technological devices function.  They are involved with basically every electronic device we use, from smartphones, computers, GPSs, tablets, and game consoles.  They work with computers to develop devices to improve our daily lives.  Usually computer engineers need a 4-year college degree but going beyond a four year education could look better on a job résumé.  Computer engineers must have great analytical skills.  They must  be able to visualize a project they are working on.  They must also be able to solve both simple and more complex problems.  They must be able to use logic and reasoning to solve issues brought up during the production and development process.  Computer Engineers work in such fields like telecommunications, developing products to be sold to the general public, and even work on robots that could make three dimensional printings, perform other industrial tasks to make other products.  There are many companies that require computer engineers, like Google, Intel, or Microsoft.  Computer engineers are required to develop hardware and software like the physical pieces of hardware you buy when using any electronic device; and they also design the software that the devices run.  Google and Microsoft would need computer engineers to make the devices they produce like phones, personal computers, and gaming consoles that improve our lives everyday, whether it be work or leisure.  Computer engineers develop every piece of technology we come into contact with.  Computer software companies are also working on projects like improving our current artificial intelligence to make search engines faster and more accurate.  Computer engineers are working toward making the artificial intelligence computing extremely close to human thinking.  Engineers can use improved artificial intelligence to perform delicate processes and help people learn by using machine learning, which is a process by which the machines learn through human correction.  Translators use machine learning to develop more fluent sounding translations and not translating sentences word by word.  Computer engineers generally make a high salary like the rest of the engineering field.  The lower ten percent in the field earn about $66,070; the middle of the road computer engineers make $108,430 a year, and the crème de la crème in the computer engineering field makes a six figure salary of $160,610 a year.  Computer engineering majors have a starting salary of approximately $83,846 per year.  I am interested in the computer engineering field because I have been interested in technology and video games my entire life.  I have been fascinated in how machines work and enjoy using technology.  I find it fascinating seeing just what modern machines are capable of.  The microprocessors Intel produced in 1971, called the Intel 4004 processor, has been measured and it was capable of a speed of 108 kilohertz which means it was capable of completing 108,000 cycles in just one second.  More recently in 2007, Intel developed a processor called Penryn that was capable of a speed of 3 gigahertz, in other words it is capable of performing 3 billion processes in one second.  The speed and accuracy of modern day technology fascinate me and I would love to have a career working and developing these types of machines.