Computer Animation Principles And Practice Animation Essay

Animation can be merely described as a sequence of images which gives an semblance of motion when played in an order. Old ages ago, worlds used to paint animate beings on cave walls sometimes pulling four brace of legs to picture gesture. Ancient Greeks decorated pots with figures in consecutive phases of action and whirling the pot would make a sense of gesture ( Williams, R. , 2001, p.11-12 ) . It is rather singular to observe that how life has evolved from pictures in caves to modern epoch high-tech computing machines. Animation is widely used in assorted industries like movies, advertizements, telecasting, scientific discipline and engineering etc. The aim of this essay is to discourse the ways and methods implemented by the pupils in their projects- Luke Kelly ‘s “ The Villainous Vampire ” and Tim Turner ‘s “ Fair Game ” and to analyse their work on the footing of certain basic rules of life.

Process employed for the achievement of the concluding undertaking

The procedures employed by Luke Kelly and Tim Turner in carry throughing their undertaking could be described in three phases. The Pre-production phase comprising of construct development, narrative embarkation, layouts and production charts. The production phase affecting mold ( character, environment and props ) , texturing, set uping, illuming and life. The concluding phase of post-production consisting of sound redaction, redacting, compositing, rendering, rubrics and credits. Apart from the above mentioned procedures, Luke Kelly might hold besides worked upon the animatics. Further, he might hold done colour boards and sound design that match the environment and is in conformity with the life. For puting the environment, he might hold referred to films like Scooby Doo, The Addams Family etc. where they have haunted environments in certain scenes. The pick of vibrant colourss for character and environment regards each other. Tim Turner, apart from the procedure mentioned above, might hold done animatics for proper timing. Furthermore, he might hold studied the environment or ambiance of a just in films or carnivals to put the background.

Animation Principles Applied in Luke Kelly- “ The Villainous Vampire ”

Luke, in his short animated movie “ The Villainous Vampire ” , has made good usage of the rules of Animation. The proper usage of squash and stretch has given the lamia character snap and amusing consequence. “ Squash and Stretch ” is a traditional life technique used widely in the 1940 ‘s 2D sketchs like Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. A classical illustration of squash and stretch is resiling ball.

Fig. 1.1 Illustration of resiling ball in “ The Animator ‘s Survival Kit ” ( Williams, R. 2001 )

Luke has combined squash and stretch with the bounce of his character like a ball as shown in Fig. 2.1. A slightly similar technique can be seen in the debut of “ The Addams Family ” sketch series where Pugsley ( the little gawky male child ) bounces on the couch ( Fig. 2.2 ) .

Fig. 2.1 Use of squash and stretch in “ The Villainous Vampire ” Fig. 2.2 Use of squash and stretch “ The Addams Family ”

In his movie, Luke has maintained the volume of the character during the squash and stretch by deforming it on other axis. The bounce of the character like a ball compliments the fact that the character is gawky and is round like a ball. Besides bounce, the usage of squash and stretch in assorted other scenes has given a snappish consequence to life ( Fig. 3.1 ) . The usage of squash and stretch can besides be seen in the sneak walk rhythm ( Fig. 3.2 ) .

Fig. 3.1 Use of squash and stretch in other scenes.

Fig. 3.2 Use of squash and stretch in furtive walk rhythm.

Bill Tytla said “ There are merely three things in animation- Anticipation, Action and Reaction. And these connote the remainder. Learn to make these things good and you can inspire well. “ Anticipation is an outlook of what will happen. A surprise joke works when the audience reads the outlook and expects a certain thing to go on and so something rather different happens.. Anticipation is ever in opposite way to action, thereby beef uping the action. ( Williams, 2001, p.281 ) . Luke ‘s careful drama with the tempers of character has anticipated the audience for following move. For illustration, in Fig. 4.1, the anticipatory smiling on the lamia face gives an thought of what will go on next. Whereas, in Fig. 4.2a, the character ‘s expectancy gives the audience an thought that it will disappear off from screen with velocity. But it follows some different action go forthing the audience surprised. The joke works in both the instances though the action followed by the expectancy is different. By overstating the expectancy in his character ‘s move, he has made the audience to look where he wants. Furthermore, he has made usage of expectancy in assorted other shootings besides.

Fig. 4.1 Smile on lamia ‘s face Fig. 4.2a Fig. 4.2b

Harmonizing to Chris Webster ( 2005, p.36 ) , Overlaping action describes the variable actions within an object and how some elements of an object start, continue and stop their motion in relation to others. A good usage of overlapping action can be seen in this film ( Fig. 4.2b ) . The organic structure of the character has stopped traveling, but the custodies are still in gesture. Furthermore, the follow up action of the character has made certain that it does non look stiff or stiff. He has balanced the weight of the character suitably when he landed on his pess.

The construct is clear and the colourss are used efficaciously, complementing the evil of the nefarious lamia character. The background scene, illuming and colourss besides add a wicked touch to the film.

Animation Principles Applied in Tim Turner- “ Fair Game “ and comparing with Luke Kelly- “ The Villainous Vampire ”

Tim Turner in his film “ Fair Game ” though has made usage of basic rules of life but has lacked in implementing them right. The entry of the chief characters in the movie sets the temper of the scene. In “ The Villainous Vampire ” the slow entry of lamia ( Fig. 5.1 ( left ) ) with a lazy walk rhythm and facial look wholly describes the ambiance and scene. On the other manus, the entry of child in “ Fair Game ” ( Fig. 5.1 ( right ) ) does non uncover the temper of the child i.e. exhilaration, bored, funny etc. A better drama with the walk rhythm could hold added more emotions to the character of the child.

Fig. 5.1

Left: Entry of Vampire Right: Entry of Kid

Tim has made usage of emotions but has non exaggerated them. Therefore, the looks and emotions are non noticeable. One possible ground for this could be the design of the character. In Fig. 6.1, the child looks happy but a little emotion of exhilaration could hold lighted up the scene. Furthermore, his reaction to the adult male, after looking at the bear is level. It does non do the audience believe that he wants the bear. The emotions are either non clear or are non conveyed decently. A good usage of look can be seen in Fig. 6.2, where the adult male scowl.

Fig. 6.1 Fig. 6.2

Chemical reaction of kid Reaction of adult male

A major drawback in the movie is the rigidness of characters. In Fig. 6.3, the adult male is express joying but his remainder of the organic structure is stiff. A good usage of belly motion with laughter could hold implemented some flexibleness in the character. The lamia character in the old movie is more unstable and Fig. 6.3 flexible because of proper usage of squash and stretch along with overlapping action or secondary action. Squash and stretch usage can be done in the scene shown in Fig. 6.4. His looks can be made louder by crushing foremost and so stretching his eyes and face, portraying the look of shouting. A good illustration for this is illustrated in the undermentioned Fig 7.1.

Fig. 6.4

Fig. 7.1 Illustration of overlapping action in “ The Animator ‘s Survival Kit ” ( Williams, R. 2001 )

Furthermore, usage of expectancy in the scene shown in Fig. 8.1, could hold been more pleasant and attention-getting by escalating his actions before he falls. Though he has made usage of expectancy before the autumn but it does non do the audience think of the following move. It has no surprise joke which could divert the audience and drag them into the scene. Another illustration from the movie where the expectancy has lagged to keep the attending of audience is shown in Fig. 8.2.There is assorted factors which might hold given a encouragement to this scene. For illustration, the cock pulled by

Fig. 8.1 the child is non looking so heavy. A proper drama of emotions in this scene could hold added visible radiation to it. For illustration, alteration of emotions from defeat to anger when he is non able to draw the cock.

Another drama with expectancy could hold been done when the child pulls the cock and gets imbalanced. In this scene, there are assorted airss where the character looks instability, one of the grounds for this is the design of the character.

Fig. 8.2 Kid drawing cock.


To reason, Luke Kelly ‘s “ The Villainous Vampire ” has successfully used the basic rules of life like squash and stretch, expectancy, overlapping action, secondary actions etc. The background, illuming and the colour used has complemented the narrative good. Therefore, his animated short is more capturing. On the other manus, Tim Turner in his alive short “ Fair Game ” has used the above said basic rules of the life and has been reasonably successful in giving unsatisfactory consequences. Although, both the animated trunkss have conveyed their thought good, yet, the ulterior one is non successful in catching the attending and keeping the temper of the narrative.