Computer Disadvantages Essay

1. They are expensive.
2. If you have little knowledge of them, it is easy to get in a lot of trouble and quite literally destroy your computer. 3. Depending on the OS and software/hardware installed, they can be difficult to maintain. 4. If you have the internet and don’t have an Anti-Virus program, or at least an Anti-Spyware program, surfing the web can ruin your day. 5. Nothing lasts forever.

6, computers are taking places of labours and 1 computer can do a work of almost 100 acountents at 1 time and all pplz whos’ job is acountacy are job less coz of computer. 7, hackers can interfare in your personel things.

8,i have lot’s of knolege of computer like web designing software devloping graphics editing hardware engrning networking but i hav’t computer coz i can’t afford computer. expnsive 😉 9,making busy of all pplz in playing games of watching movies or use computers for entertarment and pplz don’t have time to meet other pplz just coz of computer. 10,computer’s run through electricity.

they make peole feel powerless, too many adds, provides an environment in which everyone wants to understand the technology and nobody does, When we had that comforting C; prompt everything was clearer. They cost money, they crash, They take time to boot up, They cause huge amount of frustration, Man is a social animal. His survival deems an interactive society. Sharing his ideas, thoughts and beliefs with others play a key role to his existence. Computers have locked him somewhere in the dark with no access to the outer world. He mostly remains to himself, secluded from the real world. He gets involved in a gradual transition to becoming nothing but a lifeless machine. He starts to perceive everything in terms of numbers and numerals. His metamorphosis into an emotionless animal arouses anti social tendencies that marks him as an alienated species. Computers might create wonders and help man to reach the acme of success. But, if not controlled it can also be the beginning of everything that requires a second thought.