Computer Engineer Essay

                                                  Computer EngineerDescription of computer engineering (software engineer)            A Computer engineer (software engineer) works in applications or systems development, analyzes users’ needs, and designs, constructs, test, and maintains computer applications software or systems.            Software engineers can be involved in the design and development of many types of software, such as operating systems and network distribution; compilers, which convert programs for execution on a computer; and firmware.            In programming, or coding, software engineers instruct a computer, line by line, how to perform a function.

According to (Irish jobs online), they also solve technical problems that arise (Irish Jobs Online).Education and training required            Since Software engineers must possess strong programming skills, are logical and disciplined thinkers, and are more concerned actually writing with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming that may arise, they need to be taught strong programming languages, they should also have knowledge on how to handle, fix, and install software in all computer types (US Jobs).            Software engineers should be able to analyze information properly and concisely hence need for analytical skills are a major requirement.  This would play a major role in job performance and help the engineer meet set objectives in systems development.            Software engineers should possess arithmetical and logical skills since most of their job entails logical and arithmetical problems.

  Solving these problems would require one to have these skills.            The rapid advances in computer technology are largely a result of the research, development and design efforts of computer engineers.  To keep up with advances engineers must continually update their knowledge and skills in computing as well as overall innovation in designing, testing and maintenance of computing systems.                                                                                                                              Westhoff 2Availability of jobs in the market:            Due to increase in computers usage, the computer engineers will continue to be in great demand.            Graduates with bachelor degrees in computer science, computer engineering, electrical or electronic engineering, information science, or information systems should have good employment prospectsOpportunity for upward mobility:            According to USA job mobility, a computer engineer has a larger mobility to climb especially if the individual is just a graduate.  He/She can proceed to: PDU oss-project manager, to software tester engineer, to senior RF Designer engineer.Average annual income of a computer engineers:            According to the standards of both US jobs and Irish jobs, an average salary for a graduate of computer engineering is approximately: $40000-50000 per year, but this can go up as the individual gets higher ranks in the industry.Conclusion:            Computer engineering is the best of all jobs.

  Few occupations allow the physical construction of an object and the intellectual challenge offered by computer engineering.  For those who can make the most of limited resources and listen carefully for the distinction between what people want and what people need from their computer systems, computer engineering is an excellent profession.                                                                                                                             Westhoff  3Works cited:Irish Jobs Online.  Retrieved on 28 June 2007  from Irish Jobs Online Website:< http://www.

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