Computer misuse Essay

Computer misuse:Computer and internet availability is not a big issue now. Most of the people try to misuse the computer resources.

Some willing misuse the computer and some people unknowingly misuse the law. Mentioned below are the categories of computer misuse. Computer hacking:Computer hacking is a technique of taking access over the unpermitted network or modem or other devices and the internet. The hackers usually try to grant admittance to the passwords and several different security sites in order to view the confidential information. There some tools used for hacking the sites.

Exploitation of the data, unconstitutional relocation of the data or photocopying: The information available in the internet is copied through various sources like hard disks, DVDs and pen drives. These types of informal moving of data are done simply with the use of the internet connections. Without having copy rights to access the personal information, research work of any company and novels, books written by the author’s one cannot copy the information, but using some illegal techniques they gain access over this information. Distribution of the copied software’s, movies and music:The software, movies and music is illegally copied without the copy right and they are distributed all over.

This can be called as piracy. They do not follow the laws and copy the material without taking permission from the copyright holders. Abusing people through chat rooms and emails:Emails, chat rooms are used by some people who simply intend to disturb other individuals.

The create email ids with improper identifications and spread news and rumors about famous personalities. They abuse people using chat rooms, they send spam mails to millions of people to market the goods and services that can be sometime legal, but many a times those which are illegal. Pornography:Pornography is an illegal activity, and this type offensive stuff is exists on the internet and people store and keep this stuff in an electronic form. This kind of stuff has been declared illegal as they show all the illegal activities. Financial abuses and identitiesIn this category, come the misuse of stolen credit cards and the fantastic numbers of the credit cards in order to purchase online products and service. They perform illegal transaction of money from one account to other. A financial abuse also includes printing of unauthorized currencies using color printers.

Virus:Virus is a software program written for causing damage and nuisance to the computers or files.