Computer Networks And The Communications Satellites Computer Science Essay

A ballistic capsule in orbit around the Earth to have and retransmit wireless signals. Communications satellites amplify and kind or path these signals. In earlier yearss they functioned much like land microwave repeaters but with greatly increased coverage. Whereas a land repeater relays signals between two fixed locations, a communications orbiter interconnects may locations, fixed and nomadic, over a broad country. With the coming of on-board processing, exchanging and rerouting of signals has been added to the functionality of some communications orbiters, doing them “ patchboards in the sky. ”


The first unreal orbiter was the Soviet sputnik 1, launched on October 4, 1957, and equipped with an-board radio-transmitter that worked on tow frequences, 20.005 and 40.002MHz. The first American orbiter to relay communications was project SCORE in 1958, which used a tape recording equipment to hive away and send on voice messages. It was used to direct a Christmas salutation to the universe signifier U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. NASA launched an Echo orbiter, in 1960 ; the 100-foot ( 30 m ) aluminized PET movie balloon served as a inactive reflector for wireless communications. Courier 1B, built by philco, besides launched in 1960, was the universe ‘s first active repeater orbiter.


Geostationary communications orbiter

Communicationss orbiters have a quiet, yet profound, consequence on our day-to-day lives. They link distant countries of the Earth with telephone and telecasting. Modern fiscal concern is conducted at high velocity via orbiter. The newspaper USA Today is typeset and transmitted to publishing workss via orbiter.

Radio signals near the microwave frequence scope are best suited to transport big volumes of communications traffic. They are non deflected by the Earth ‘s ambiance as lower frequences are. Basically, they travel in a consecutive line, known as line of sight communicating. If person in San Francisco tried to beam a microwave signal straight to Hawaii, it would ne’er acquire at that place ; it would vanish into infinite or dissipate into the ocean. Over short distances, we can raise microwave towers every 25 stat mis or so to move as “ repeaters ” to reiterate and hike the signal. Think of a geostationary communications satellite as a repeater in the sky.


An OSCAR satellitehttp: //

The satellite UOSAT-11 is one of tonss of recreational orbiters revolving the Earth. Sputnik, the universe ‘s first unreal Earth-orbiting orbiter, transmitted a beacon on 20.005 MHz which was monitored by 1000s of jambons and Short Wave Listeners ( SWL ) . Since 1957, many OSCAR ( Orbing Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio ) orbiters have been constructed by ordinary people interested in orbiters communications. OSCAR 1, launched in December of 1961, weighed 10 lbs and transmitted a 15 milliwatt beacon for approximately 3 hebdomads. OSCAR 13, launched in the summer of 1988, provides dependable, near-global communications. Interestingly plenty, the OSCAR series of orbiters are really ballast for larger primary NASA warhead. It ‘s simpler and cheaper to ballast a projectile with dead weight instead than cut down the push. As a consequence, it is possible to add secondary warheads of homemade orbiters to multi-million dollar NASA missions at minimum costs.

There are presently 19 OSCAR satellites revolving our planet with assorted communications capablenesss and maps. Most are used by ordinary amateur wireless operators for educational, scientific, and strictly recreational intents. Anyone interested in cognizing more about the OSCAR series of orbiters in encouraged to reach the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation ( AMSAT ) .


For the intent of trial and rating of new engineerings a figure of orbiters have been designed and operated for proficient experiments. Assorted experiments have besides been conducted utilizing these orbiters for showing different applications of communications orbiters. Prominent among these experimental orbiters are:

aˆ? Applications Technology Satellite Series ( ATS-1, ATS-3, ATS-5 & A ; ATS-6 ) of NASA.

aˆ? Joint Canadian – US Communications Technology Satellite ( CTS or Hermes )

aˆ? Advanced Communications Technology Satellite ( ACTS ) of NASA.

aˆ? APPLE ( Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment ) Satellite of India.

aˆ? Symphonie Satellite ( France & A ; Germany ) .

aˆ? SIRIO ( Italy )

aˆ? LES ( US armed forces )

aˆ? OTS ( ESA )

aˆ? JBS, CS ( Japan )


For military communications Army, Air force and Navy use both fixed and nomadic orbiter systems. In add-on to the normal communications, military communications are besides required for tactical communications from remote and inhospitable locations.

The particular demands of military communicating terminuss are high dependability, huskiness, compact, operations under hostile environment, unsusceptibility to jamming, easiness of portability and transit, etc. Examples of military orbiter communications systems are:

aˆ? DSCS ( US AF )

aˆ? SKYNET ( UK )

aˆ? NATO ( NATO )



Because of the particular frequence set used in Military orbiter system and other particular demands, Military orbiter Systems are ever much costlier and it takes longer clip to plan and develop compared to commercial orbiter communications systems. Recognizing that non all communications are strategic in nature, there is a tendency now to utilize commercial communications system every bit far as possible. US Department of Defense is one of the major users of commercial Iridium orbiter system with their ain gateway.


Satellites have now replaced the stars and tellurian systems for the intent of pilotage and radar. The Transit Satellite system of US Navy was the first orbiter navigational system with orbiters revolving in low polar orbits. By agencies of triangulation, the crews could set up the location of the ship and pigboat by picking up the signals transmitted by different Transit orbiters. US agreed to let civilian usage of Transit Navigational System for usage by merchandiser Marine transportation industry throughout the universe.

Theodolite system is now replaced by the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) of US Navistar Satellite System dwelling of 18 low Earth revolving orbiters runing at L-band. GPS receiving system calculates the place ( latitude, longitude, tallness ) with highly high truth by having signals from at least three-satellite base on ballss. Apart from its usage in ships, the miniaturized GPS receiving system has besides found many applications related to set down based swift monitoring.

The Russian Glonass system is the other navigational orbiter system. However, the system is non being maintained decently by timely replacing of the orbiters.


The rule of communicating by inactive orbiter is based on the belongingss of sprinkling of electromagnetic moving ridges from different surface countries. Thus an electromagnetic moving ridge incident on a inactive orbiter is scattered back towards the Earth and a having station can have the scattered moving ridge. The inactive orbiters used in the early old ages of orbiter communications were both unreal every bit good as natural.

In 1954, the US Naval Research Laboratory successfully transmitted the first voice message through infinite by utilizing the Moon to disperse radio signal. These experiments resulted in the development of Moon-Relay System, which became operational in 1959 for communications between Washington, DC and Hawaii and remained operational boulder clay 1963.


In active orbiters, which amplify and retransmit the signal from the Earth have several advantages over the inactive orbiters. The advantages of active orbiters are:

aˆ? Require lower power Earth station

aˆ? Less dearly-won

aˆ? Not unfastened to random usage

aˆ? Directly controlled by operators from land.

Disadvantages of active orbiters are:

aˆ? Disruption of service due to failure of electronics constituents on-board the orbiters

aˆ? Requirement of on-board power supply

aˆ? Requirement of larger and powerful projectiles to establish heavier orbiters in orbit


These are communicating orbiters are really utile to the people can pass on. When we are establishing the orbiter our state will be acquire development so this system really utile to the people this was got the really good innovation on the people. So we now we are utilizing the communicating orbiter. Finally I am welcoming this orbiter.