Computer System Proposal For Ibat Dental Computer Science Essay

This proposal is requested for ibat alveolar consonant to hold a complete good working computing machine system to cover with client. doing work to be more efficient and easy. Ibat dental want to replace the present manual system to be automated system to avoid excessively much paper work. Because of turning working burden.also we need to hold a full system running covering of maintaining patient record, scheduling patient, charging patient, and charging insurance company etc.

IBAT Dental Current Environment:

IBAT alveolar consonant which employs five tooth doctors, five dental technicians, four hygienists, and six office ( secretarial /admin ) staff worker. Offers full lines of dental services. IBAT alveolar consonant has a client base of 5500 patients. This is a fresh new start environment

Computer needs:

tooth doctors and hygienists 5 laptopsoffice staff 3 desktopsresponse 1 desktopfree point 1 laptopEntire 6 laptops and 4 desktops


I choose dell laptop vostro 1720 concern bundle. This merchandises come with operation system windows 7 and office2007 package. Besides one twelvemonth collect and return service and 3 old ages warranty.

Merchandises debut:

ProcessorIntelCorea„?2T6670 ( 2.

2GHz,800MHz,2MB )Operating systemEnglish Genuine WindowsA® 7 Professional ( 32 BIT )Security packageNorton Internet Securitya„? 2009 – 15 Month Protection – EnglishLiquid crystal display17.0 inch WXGA+ CCFL Anti-Glare DisplayIntegrated web cameraIntegrated 1.3 Mega Pixel CameraMemory3072MB 800 MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM ( 1×2048+1×1024 )Hard thrust320GB ( 7,200rpm ) Serial ATA Hard Drive with Free Fall SensorColour pickObsidian BlackArtworks cardIntegrated GMA X4500 HD GraphicsPower supply90W AC Adaptor – 3 wirePrimary batteryPrimary 6-cell 56 WHr Lithium Ion batteryOptical thrust8X DVD+/-RW Drive including package for WIN7Support services3Yr Basic Warranty – Following Business Day On Site ServicebluetoothDell Wireless 355 Bluetooth 2.

0 Module for Win7/VistaWireless connectivityDell Wireless 1397 Mini Card ( 802.11 b/g ) EuropeanDell system media kitV1720 Resource DVD ( Diagnostic & A ; Drivers )overseas telegram1 Meter Power Cord ( 3 Wire ) – United kingdomkeyboardInternal Keyboard – English ( QWERTY )labelsWireless Label – Core 2 Duo ( Dell Wireless Cards )Monetary values ( Ex VAT ) euroDescriptionPer pointEntireVostro 1720 A-6a‚¬ 666.15a‚¬ 3996.9


I choose dell vostro 220 concern bundle. this merchandises comes with operation system windows 7 and office package. Besides one twelvemonth collect and return service.

3 old ages guarantee.

Merchandises debut:

ProctorDisplay: 18.5in E1910H UK/Irish Black Widescreen Value ( 1366X768 ) TCO03Memory2048MB 800MHz Double Channel DDR2 SDRAM [ 2×1024 )Hard thrust320GB ( 7200rpm ) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB DataBursta„? cacheArtworks cardIntegrated IntelA® Graphic Media Accelerator X4500Optical thrust16X DVD+/-RW Drive For Win7keyboardUK/Irish ( QWERTY ) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard BlackmouseDell 2 Button USB Optical MouseSupport service3Yr Basic Warranty – Following Business Day On Site ServiceSound packageIntegrated 5.1 Channel Audio HDStandard guarantee1 Year Collect and ReturnDell system media kitResource DVD – ( Diagnostics & A ; Drivers )Price exclude VAT:DescriptionPer pointEntireVostro 220A-4a‚¬ 529a‚¬ 2116


A switch is reasonably much a better version of a hub.

The chief difference is that when computing machine sends informations, it does non air it to all the ports on the switch ( like it would on a hub ) . The switch allows the computing machine to direct the informations straight to the PC/Server that it is seeking to make. This reduces traffic in your web and connect all the difficult ware and net work with waiter wholly. by seeking dingle website the switch I recommend is intercrossed star tech 16 ports switch.Merchandises debut:This intercrossed KVM switch lets you command 16 USB or PS/2 computing machines utilizing merely one PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and proctor.A versatile KVM solution, the switch is compatible with Personal computer, Mac and Sun Servers and Systems and offers hot-pluggable operation, leting you to add or take computing machines without holding to close down the KVM switch Supplying scalable KVM control, the USB PS/2 switch delivers control of up to 136 computers/servers by cascading 16 extra KVM switches. Plus, the switch can be rackmounted into 1U of cabinet infinite and characteristics rear panel overseas telegram connexions, extinguishing muss and tangle while salvaging valuable workspace.

Price ( exVAT ) :DescriptionPer pointEntireSmart tech 16 ports switcha‚¬ 336.15a‚¬336.15


Having reviewed the specifications of the chief waiter from dingle web site and besides comparing the ibat dental demands. This waiter would be recommended as follow. The waiter I recommended is dell power border T 300Merchandises debut:BaseDual Core IntelA® XeonA® E3113, 3.0GHz, 6MB Cache, 1333MHz Federal security bureaumemory6GB Memory, DDR2, 667MHz ( 6x1GB Single Ranked DIMMs )keyboardUK/Irish ( QWERTY ) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard BlackproctorDell 17-inch E170S UK/Irish Value Flat Panel – Black ( TCO99 )mouseDell 2 Button USB Optical MouseNetwork cardsIntelA® PRO 1000PT Dual Port Server Adapter, Gigabit NIC, Cu, x4 PCIeOptical devices16X DVD-ROM Drive with SATA Cableoverseas telegrams3 Metre CAT 5 Network CableBase guarantee1Yr Basic Warranty – Following Business DaySupport services3Yr Basic Warranty – Following Business DayRaid connectivityC1- Onboard SATA, 1-4 non hot-plug Hard Drives connected to Onboard SATA Controller – No RAIDSystem directionOpenManage Software loaded and DVD KitPowercordUK/Irish – 220V Spare Power CordHard thrust250GB, SATA, 3.5-inch, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive ( Cabled )Factory installed OSWindows ServerA®2003, Standard x64, Incl 5 CALs, 2008 Media, English

Price ( ex VAT ) :

DescriptionPer pointEntireServer dingle power border T 300a‚¬ 1681a‚¬ 1681

Printer, scanner and facsimile machine:

As we know ibat dental covering tonss of patient record, and publishing tonss of information as good.

as the demand I search tonss of pressman.laser pressman would be best pick for little concern like ibat alveolar consonant. Laser pressman quality gives your concern paperss the professional border so why limit the consequence to black and white? With these top colour optical maser pressmans you ‘ll be able to bring forth crisp, colourful booklets, diagrams, letter paper, and bills in house. by seeking hp web site I chose the horsepower colour optical maser pressman and scanner clj 4700. besides this merchandises come with one twelvemonth warranty/Merchandises in troduction:Print declaration: up to 600×600 dpiPrint at up to 30 ppm colour up to 30 ppm blackRecommended monthly page volume: 2500 to 10000Up to 6 tray, up to 2600 sheet input capacityHP PCL 6, PCL 5c, Hp Ps degree 3emulationScanner installationsStandard connectivity: IEEE 1284-C compliant bi-directional analogue port, 1 USB 2.

0 port, 2 unfastened EIO slots, 1 subsidiary port, 1 accoutrement portDuplex print options: manual ( drive support provided )Paper managing standard /input: 100-sheet multipurpose tray,500 sheet tray.Standard memory: 160 MB.Operating system: Microsoft windows m Windowss server. windows 7 etc.

Price ( ex VAT ) :

DescriptionPer pointsEntireHp colour pressman and scanner clj 4700a‚¬ 1100a‚¬1100


I recommended separate the facsimile machine with pressman. because of tonss paper work go through the pressman. If we use printer scanner and facsimile machine by one machine. That would do work excessively complicated easy do error blend the paperss.

So I suggest but fax machine offprint. holding seeking hp website comparison with the other trade name facsimile machine the horsepower J 3600 Get full facsimile functionality and the convenience of a constitutional phone, plus easy and dependable coloring material printing, copying and scanning. Fax at velocities of up to three seconds per page. Enjoy low cost printing with optional high-capacity ink cartridges1

Merchandises debut:

Make it all from one compact and easy to utilize device facsimile phone transcript and scan.Four-in-one pressman, facsimile, scanner, duplicator, constitutional telephone French telephone, print/copy at up to 20 ppm black, 14 ppm coloring material, 20-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, 33.

6 Kbps modem, 200-page facsimile memory, 100-number velocity dial memory, scan-to-email, 1200 dpi, 48-bit coloring material scanning, optional high-capacity ink cartridges, 2-line text show, fold-up trayEnjoy productive facsimile characteristics including velocities of up to three 2nd per page.Make sure you ‘re every bit productive as possible with advanced facsimile characteristics including a 200-page memory2 to forestall lost paperss and up to 100 speed-dial Numberss. Enjoy fast public presentation excessively – send and have facsimiles at up to 3 seconds a page.Get long -lasting paperss with optical maser quality text and rich, graphic colorss:Print paperss, facsimiles and transcripts with laser-quality text and vivid coloring material artworks and exposures. Get durable, fade-resistant consequences – even on incoming facsimiles – with HP ink and paper. Print what you see with HP Smart Web Printing3.Price ( ex VAT )DescriptionPer pointEntireHp facsimile machine j3600a‚¬ 123a‚¬ 123

Email operation:

I suggest ibat alveolar consonant would host a web site, this would be good for patients know more about ibat alveolar consonant.

often inquiring inquiry and leave message on line, besides if we host a web site that besides offer email installation. by researching would be good pick to host a web site. I check the by sphere checker.

this is available. so we can host a web site as www.ibatdental.

ie. I suggest choose Complete shared web hosting bundle which provides the complete control, flexibleness, and dependability that is needed to make a successful online presence. Whether you are merely get downing out or are exchanging to accomodate growing or increased dependability, utilizing LetsHost for your web hosting and electronic mail demands makes it easy to market your merchandises and services online With competitory pricing, outstanding public presentation and Expert 24 x 7 Technical Support, you can be certain that LetsHost will supply you with a solid foundation for your cyberspace presence online.

Merchandises debut:

Highlights:Massive 100,000MB monthly informations transportation bound25 add-on spheres4 full day-to-day backups utilizing CDPElectronic mail characteristicsUnlimited electronic mail historiesUnlimited electronic mail forwardsCatch all electronic mail referenceCar respondentWebmail entreeWeb based electronic mail apparatus and adminMailing list waiterSpam and virus protectionWeb site entree and control:Easy to utilize control panel24/7 FTP entree, Unlimited FTP userWeb -based file directorPassword protect directories and IP denyUnlimited sub-domainsCustom mistake pagesDatabase:My SQL databasesPhp my adminWeb statistics:Webbalizer and aw provinces web statisticsBandwidth reortAccess, mistake and referral logs, natural log filesReal clip loggingAll the excess support service:Free apparatus on any sphereFree electronic mail and phone support

Price ( ex VAT ) :

DescriptionPer pointEntireHost a web site and electronic mail servicea‚¬19.99 host web sitea‚¬7.9 per montha‚¬114.79

Patients records and dental indispensable signifier:

Having researching website www. I suggest ibat dental usage dental signifier package to cover with all the patient record and paper work. This merchandises is enable dental office to travel paperless by capturing digital signatures on all your patient signifiers. All signifiers are wholly customizable and can be completed utilizing computing machine and an electronic signature device, extinguishing the demand for paper record maintaining wholly.

Merchandises debut:offices utilizing Practice Management package such as Dentrix, EagleSoft, and SoftDent, paper signifiers and informations written text have remained necessary stairss to keep complete electronic recordkeeping-but no longer!With the alveolar consonant Forms system, patients can finish questionnaires on-line and digitally subscribe intervention programs, consent signifiers, and medical history updates. Dental Forms safely retrieves cardinal information from your internal Practice Management plan, extinguishing the demand for paper records wholly.Staff and patients can lawfully subscribe any signifier utilizing an e-pad, connected to your office computing machine or a Tablet Personal computer. DentForms package times, day of the months, and locks signatures into the records for dependable security.The DentForms package and the e-pad hardware are really low-cost, and your disbursals are rapidly recouped through nest eggs on paper, storage infinite, and clerical labour.I suggest you to take standard alveolar consonant signifier system.

which Includes 10 licences, free preparation and support for 1 twelvemonth, e-Dental Forms for 1 twelvemonth, ascents for 1 twelvemonth, and 2 E-pad Ink Signature Devices which cost entire $ 3995 ( a‚¬2500 ) . Any extra licence would be $ 200 ( a‚¬130 )Any extra e- tablet signature device $ 100 ( a‚¬65 )

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireDental signifier criteriona‚¬2500 ( 10 licence 2 e-pad )a‚¬2500E- tablet ( extra 3 )a‚¬65a‚¬195Entire costa‚¬2695

Scheduling patients and charging patient and company:

Watch Ibat dental demand which organize patient programming and charge demand. like the system can cover with agenda assignment for dental service, do assignment, cancel assignment, look into calendar for peculiar tooth doctor. besides the charge system need offering patient charge, bills receipts cost and e-mail insurance company etc.I suggest ibat dental usage easydental 2009 package.Merchandise debut:Practice direction package that ‘s easy-to-use, easy-to-own.With merely a few chinks you can schedule faster, record intervention programs easier, simplify charge, and manage insurance undertakings with easiness.

You ‘ll salvage clip utilizing Easy Dental because every feature-like charting, imaging and recall-is simple to utilize. Easy Dental is trouble-free, straightforward, effortless and low-cost: that ‘s why more than 20,000 patterns choose Easy Dental.Take your pattern fartherEasy Dental is designed for your full team-receptionist, office director, hygienist, dental helper and tooth doctor. You do n’t hold to be a computing machine expert to setup, learn and utilize Easy Dental. And integrating with digital imagination and patient instruction is merely as characteristic make it even easierEasy Dental 2009 has many add-ons and betterments heightening your pattern with money and time-saving characteristics.

Perio ChartingRecord mobility, Furcation classs, examining deepnesss, shed blooding and festering points, gingival borders, plaque, bone loss, automatically cipher CAL degrees and record the attached gumClinical ChartingFull-featured Clinical Chart that integrates with the remainder of the Easy Dental 2009 faculties.SchedulingQuickly create assignments, move assignments, path qui vive information for scheduled patients, and reschedule broken assignments with the chink of a button.Patient ChargeDisplay or conceal the View Account Details preferences each clip you click the View Account Details and are saved each clip you open the Accounts faculty.

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionItemEntireEasy dental 2009a‚¬985/yeara‚¬985

Back up system:

To doing informations and information safe I would wish to present utilizing back system protect your informations. by researching I recommended magnetic tape back Price The Della„? Tape Drive is a high-capacity informations storage device that is designed to execute backups, shop mission-critical informations and archive files. With a combination of informations compaction and compression, the tape thrust provides a formatted cartridge capacity of. This merchandise has been tested and validated on Della„? systems to guarantee it will work with your computing machine. It is supported by Della„? Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireDell magnetic tape ( 14 required )a‚¬ 19.5a‚¬273


By researching I recommended lake herring pyx 501 firewall which Cisco PIX 501 Security Appliance delivers enterprise-class security for little offices and teleworkers in a dependable, plug-and-play purpose-made contraption.

Ideal for procuring high-velocity “ ever on ” broadband environments, the Cisco PIX 501 Security Appliance, which is portion of the world-leading CiscoPIX Security Appliance Series, provides robust integrated security capablenesss, little office networking characteristics, and powerful distant direction capablenesss in a compact, all-in-one solution. The Cisco PIX 501 Security Appliance delivers a multilayered defence for little offices through rich security services including stateful review firewalling, protocol and application review, practical private networking ( VPN ) , in-line invasion protection, and rich multimedia and voice security in a individual device. The state-of-the-art Cisco Adaptive Security Algorithm ( ASA ) provides rich stateful review firewall services, tracking the province of all authorised web communications and forestalling unauthorised web entree. Small offices benefit from an extra bed of security via intelligent, “ application-aware ” security services that examine package watercourses at Layers 4-7, utilizing review engines specialized for many of today ‘s popular applications.

Administrators can besides easy make custom security policies for firewall traffic by utilizing the flexible entree control methods and the more than 100 predefined applications, services, and protocols that Cisco PIX Security Appliances provide. Cisco PIX Security Appliances supply market-leading protection for a broad scope of voice-over-IP ( VoIP ) and multimedia criterions, leting concerns to firmly take advantage of the many benefits that converged informations, voice, and picture webs deliver. By uniting VPN with the rich stateful review firewall services.

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireFirewall lake herring pyx 501a‚¬554.87a‚¬554.87

Internet solution:

By ibat dental working environment I search internet broadband web site, the one I introduced is eircom broadband concern bundle 8mb concern starting motorMerchandises debut:up to 8mb download velocityupload 800 kbpsfree self-install connexionfree wireless local area network modemfree wireless local area network entree out and aboutsecurity firewall

monetary value ( antique VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireEircom concern broadbanda‚¬40 per montha‚¬40

Extra service:

I suggest to engage electrical applied scientist to put in overseas telegram research the selling that will be a‚¬120 per overseas telegram including overseas telegram and wires.

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireCable ( 3 overseas telegram required )a‚¬120a‚¬360We besides need engage IT experts put in all package and hardware.

By seeking market that would be a‚¬1000Price ( ex VAT ) :DescriptionCostEntireIt expertsa‚¬1000a‚¬1000

Payroll package:

By researching I recommend sage accounting soft ware 2010Merchandise debut:Sage 50 Payroll 2010 makes light work of everything from treating your employees ‘ payslips and pull offing starting motors and departers, to wagess and twelvemonth terminal entries. It lets you:Easy to utilize: discovery and execute common undertakings with easiness through new ‘Quick links ‘ .Pay your employees rapidly and accurately by hard currency, check, BACS or e-Banking with watchword protected electronic payslips.Batch timesheet entry for speedy paysheet processing, and pull off an limitless figure of employees ( extra charge applies ) .Automatically cipher ill & A ; pregnancy wage, vacations, overtime, committee, Student Loans, Attachments of Net incomes Orders ( AEO ) and Pensions.Shop employee records in one topographic point including assessments, absence, disciplinary records, occupation and salary history.Submit online at twelvemonth terminal ( HMRC demand for 2010 ) – submit p60 and P45 signifiers online, and utile aces take you through all wage and tax write-offs you ‘ve made over the revenue enhancement twelvemonth.Create bespoke employee groups and pull off an limitless figure ofstarting motors and departers in a given twelvemonth ( extra charge applies ) .Predict the impact of wage additions, fillips or overtime programs with the salary prognosis tool.

Price ( ex VAT )

DescriptionPer pointEntireSAGE PAYROLLa‚¬249a‚¬249

Fiscal spreadsheet theoretical account of all cost:

DescriptionPer pointEntireDesk top vostro 220 A- 4a‚¬529a‚¬2116Laptop vostro 1720 A-6a‚¬666.15a‚¬3996.9Switch over 16 port smart techa‚¬336.15a‚¬336.15Server dingle power border t300a‚¬1681a‚¬1681Printer and scanner horsepower clj 4700a‚¬1100a‚¬1100Fax machine dingle J 3600a‚¬123a‚¬123Host web site and electronic mail operation27.79/per month123/per twelvemonthPatient record package dental signifiera‚¬2695a‚¬2695Easy dental 2009 packagea‚¬985a‚¬985magnetic tapeA-14a‚¬19.5/per tapea‚¬273Firewall lake herring pyx 501a‚¬564.87a‚¬564.87Eircom broadbanda‚¬40/per monthElectrical technology cableA-3a‚¬120/per overseas telegrama‚¬360Information technology expertsa‚¬1000Sage 2010 packagea‚¬249entirea‚¬15642.96Extra 21.5 % VATa‚¬3285Sub-totala‚¬18927.9