Computers and Modems Essay

Working from home has been a controversial issue for several years. Some people claim that this matter is not beneficial, on the ground of the fact that it just lead to unproductivity, In order that there is not any inspection on employees. So, most of them do their tasks without as concentration as they should have on. Others, however, point out that we live in a rapidly changing world and we have no choice but adapt and replace home for working instead of office is a gift of our modern age.I rather belong to latter group for several reasons.

First and foremost, most people go to work every day from one part to another part of city and almost all of them use their own private car, therefore we face up increasing volume of traffic day-by-day and waste so much of our income on fuel price. Moreover, air pollution is on the top of the list of the world problems. It is deniable that the utmost important causes of air pollution are cars.If this way would be applied, there would be a dramatic decline in level of air pollution while people would save a part of their salary going to fuel cost. Secondly, workforce is losing the most parts of their energy in the long way of their works.

Several hours wasting rush hour traffic would leave workers drained and exhausted when they get their offices. In order to increase the people’s productivity, working from home could be the best way. People would work with full of energy in the hours speaking on their tasks.

It does not mean that employees have to work lonely and isolated, but they could be in contact with their colleagues and use of their people’ ideas thoughts and increase the rate of creativity and improvement in their companies as well, since they are a member of a big family through internet. And last but not the least, all societies suffer from weak family basis and rising rate of divorce. Long working hours and dearth of existence of parents among their families are concerned as the major reasons.Encouraging people to work from home and have influential role in their homes could solve this problem to some extent. It is obvious that having good families and strengthening them would make our world a better place to live. In conclusion, I concede that this issue is not so easy task to apply and maybe lead to some troubles, especially at first years, but government could diminish its negative effects by taking proper measures.

Without any doubt, the advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.