Computer’s in the Medical Field Essay

Computer’s play a vital role in every medical office or setting. Tasks are simplified and less time consuming. They help record the names and contact details of the doctors and associated people. It’s also useful in recording medical history of patient such as tests, treatments and symptoms. Computer’s help in scheduling patient appointments. You just enter patient information and you can schedule a available appointment.

Using the computer helps in charting. You input personal information, billing information and medical notes. It has a quicker retrieval by searching for patient by name or number. Entering prescription information can prevent medication errors at the pharmacy. You can also track previous prescriptions that way also. Computer’s help make billing easier to. Proper procedure codes and diagnosis codes are entered in the computer on patient insurance screen.

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After all info has been entered, claim forms can be printed or sent via electronic billing to insurance companies. All office activity involving accounts receivable and payable is tracked. Computer’s use in hospitals is extraordinary. They can help assist a doctor with minor and major surgeries. Many high tech surgical machines and instruments are endowed with small computer systems. They are vital in various clinical and biological laboratory tests.

Viewing patient heart rate, pulse rate and brain readings are observed through computers. Doctors all over the world can communicate with each other about new inventions and unique health conditions. Computer software is used for diagnosis. It can be used for the examination of internal organs. Medical imaging is a vast field. Computer networking enables quicker communication. Mri’s imaging employs computer software. Computers are very important in running the health field, without computers we would be lost and confused.