Concert Review Essay

The concert was labeled on youtube as a Bangladesh concert.

The musical artists played Indian music, and there didn’t seem to be a composer. Every one just seemed to know how to play together. By being an active listener I learned that different cultures sometimes have very different musical styles. Most musical styles touch on all elements of SHMRGO. It was really neat to see how differently Indian music is put together. It’s obvious that they’re extremely talented musicians because they have to incorporate twice as many notes (semi-tones and quarter-tones) than whats typical to us, and they all did it so well.The type of instruments I think were used were the chordophones sitar, santoor, ektara, and the getnu. Also, I think either a bansuri, a venu, or a fiti was used (aerophones); and I’m almost positive that the dhad was played percussion wise.

I think these instruments were played, but there were definitely a lot more instruments played than just these. The mood of concert definitely seemed like it was met to interpret happiness and excitement. As I mentioned, there was no one composer. However, the artists did communicate with each other through body language, and that was really interesting to watch play out.

The Bangladesh concert performance was definitely interesting and educational, but for the most part it wasn’t pleasing to my ears, simply because I’m not accustomed to the style of music that was played. I completely respect the music that was played, and I honor that it’s different from the music that I listen to. To be frank, the pieces sounded like organized chaos. However, over it time it may become something I’d listen to for fun.

Watching this concert definitely made me curious as to what different cultures think when they hear musical styles that are common to us.