Conclusion signal generators or oscilloscope which is very



It was a great and learning experience for me while
working on this project. This project took me through the various phases of
project development and helped me to improve my engineering skills in many
aspects of ways. The success of this work is a gain of experience and knowledge
of electronic components and it’s implementation in aviation communication. Doing this project also helped to understand the importance of project
planning skill and how to manage my time more efficientely.

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Durring the project, I succesfully
demonstrate the experience and the knowledge archieved during the three years
of electrical and electronics theory, into the practice.

Also I improved my ability to work
with the Proteus Software  by simulating
the circuit and also troubleshooting the circuit by carrying out
the test step by step.

In addition, I got more familiar working with testing
equipment such as signal generators or oscilloscope which is very helpful in the future with other

From start to finish, I really enjoyed doing this project . I can see a huge improvement and I
was realy happy with the outcome of the intercom unit, if I were to do it
again, I would manage my time more efficiently, starting from week one.

As recomandation
for future projects: careful research and analysis, determine your project
early, start working early, and if possible team working.