Conference and Banqueting Essay

Conference and Banqueting Conference and banqueting is normally organizing an event, complete with main courses and desserts.

It usually serves a purpose, such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration, small meetings, corporate gatherings, seminars, family occasions or weddings, Task 01:- I have selected to arrange a valentine’s party which will be held on 14th of February 2010. WHY AM I SELECTED VALENTINE’S DAY? In European current market Valentine’s Day plays a big roll because that’s a commercial event which is most popular among all lovers in the world.Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. History of Valentine’s Day One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

How many people will attend? According to capacity of the function hall I can accommodate more than 150 people at once. Since it’s a valentine’s party I have decided to accommodate 70- 80 people because I may need more double tables than the eight covers tables. At the moment I will look for 35 couple, that’s mean 70 people but I’ll keep additional 5 tables because if in case I can use for last minutes booking for VIP people.

Which market segmentation we are caterMainly I am looking for Romantic lovers who are in-between 20- 60 age groups. According to my event what ever the people who are attending this valentine’s party They should have at least disposable income in day to day life. Because of that I am mainly looking for those who have an occupation, or any other way of earning money. Marketing the event To make this event successful the valentines day party will be advertised using different channels like banners and posters, to attract the public mainly targeting the youth. Types of food will be servedAccording to my market segmentation I can expect deferent verities of people those who have deferent taste of food. When we are considering their choices mainly we can divided in to two groups such as, ? Vegetarian food ? Non vegetarian food Task 02:- Venue: Grange, Docklands The Event: Valentines Day Party Date : 14th February 2010 Time : 7:00 pm till midnight WHY AM I SELECTING THIS HOTEL? Mainly I have consider several point before I have select this hotel such as, ? Center of the town ? Car parking facilities Accommodations facilities ? Star class hotel Center of the town This hotel situated in the heart of Docklands and easy access from train and bus services with in 5 minutes waking to the hotel.

Apart from that, it’s well known hotel around in this area. Car parking facilities In this particular hotel they can provide more than 250 car parking facilities at any given time in Charles square car park. In this car park CCTV cameras are operating through out the day, because of that it will be safer place for parking for our visitors. Accommodation facilitiesThis hotel consist with 120 rooms including room types such as, ? Twin bed room ? Double bed room ? Suite room (apartment room) etc. All the rooms are consisting with comfortable sofa, beds & well furnish equipments. Mainly this hotel going under 4 star categories because of that all rooms in this hotel have latest facilities [pic][pic] The Client preference for last year When I am going back to last year customer’s comments card I noticed several key points to be enhance in this year to achieves maximum customer satisfaction and in order to success this event. Ambiance is not up to stranded ? Food are cold ? Services delay Above factors will be a big challenge for me to maintain higher stranded to achieve my goals in effective manner. To success this event I need to concentrate above matter very carefully and I have to take appropriate decision to satisfied customers.

Task: – 03 Valentine Day Dinner Menu Starters Cream of Asparagus Soup With Cheese and Herb Croutons * Gravlax, served with Guava & Beetroot Vinaigrette * Salad of Smoked Duck, Crispy Bacon & Pine Nuts Served with Red Onion Marmalade * Orange Sorbet ** Main Course Marinated griddled Chicken Breast With Chive & Coriander Pesto served on a Hot Potato Salad With Garden Vegetables ** Herb crushed Roast Rack of Lamb Served with Calvados and Wild Mushroom Jus Garlic Mash & Garden vegetables ** Poached Dover Sole, Served with Tomato and Barn Butter Boulanger Potatoes & Garden Vegetables ** Vegetable & Cheese Wellington (Mixed Oriental Vegetable and Cheese baked in Puff Pastry) Served with Tomato & Basil Sauce * Desserts Surprise Desserts to Share * Fresh Fruit platter *Coffee & Mints Why am I selected this menu? When am I deciding my menu I have mainly concentrated about vegetarian and non vegetarian options? According to that I have suggest to served vegetarian food as bellows, Starter, Cream of Asparagus Soup Main course Vegetable & Cheese Wellington Desert Fresh fruit salad When they come under non vegetarian categories there are three variation choices I have introduce to the menu for main course such as, Marinated griddled Chicken Breast Herb crushed Roast Rack of Lamb Poached Dover SoleAccording to my market segmentation I assume that most of the people will non vegetarian, based on my assuming I introduce three options for non vegetarian people in starter as well as main course. According to my menu I have specially given more attention to non vegetarian people. Budget for person When am I going to start budget per person I need to consider several key points which may be more help to increases profitability per person in this event. All the expenses will lay down as below to get the accurate cost per person, Well come drink (champagne) 2. 5Free wine bottle on table 5. 5 Food cost 15. 0 Gift bag 4. 5 Total 27.

50 Food productions system for this party In modern day hospitality industry most of the chef they used several method for making foods. To making several foods in different styles they need to used some food production systems to make them in quick and efficient services to their customers. There are popular food production methods as below, ? Cook freeze method This is a Food preservation method, which it is prepared and portioned out, cooked after that frozen up to -20°C in a central kitchen.Cook-freeze preserves food for up to eight weeks and before used it we need to reheat then take for consumption. Eg: – chicken curry ? cook chill method This is types of Food preservation method which is prepared and portioned, cooked, and then chilled up to 3°C in a central kitchen. Cook-chill preserves food for up to four days before it is reheated for eating. Eg:- Mixed vegetable stir fry ? Pre prepared food This is types of method we are using for preservation as well It will be an advanced preparation for next event. In this method We need to make food, portioned after that need to be kept inChiller.

Ex:- sandwich, ? Vacuum packaging This is a Food preservation method in which all the air (specifically oxygen which causes degradation) is removed from a (usually sterilized) container or package before sealing. Why is it good to used above method If we are using above method it will be an advantage for organization because as we are thinking organization wise mainly we can, ? Reduce labors ? Time management ? Efficient and effective services to the customer ? Higher quality food services How HACCP will effect to this food stranded?Hazard analysis and critical control point is Food production, storage, and distribution monitoring system for identification and control of associated health hazards. It is aimed at prevention of contamination, instead of end-product evaluation. In place of relying on food inspectors to detect food safety problems, HACCP shifts the responsibility to the food producer to ensure that the product is safely consumable. H- Hazard A- Analyzed C- Critical C- Controlled P- Point Especially in kitchen all of the chefs are necessary to attend food and hygiene courses which are organized by hotel.Once they attend to these courses it will provide all the information which is related to HACCP.

According to that executive chef will set up all standards in the kitchen, then others need to follows the kitchen stranded to maintained higher stranded of the organization. How the kitchen maintains their stranded? According to stranded of the kitchen there are rules & regulation set for all kitchen staff to practices in their day today life in kitchen. Especially below key points we should have to consider to maintenances higher stranded of the kitchen. ? In raw meat and other foods how we should maintenance in the kitchen, ?How we should storage, ? First in first out method( date rotation) To prevents above mentioned key points we need to maintained proper systems to control in kitchen stranded. [pic] How they maintenance their Personal hygiene in the kitchen? Especially in hotel every body who are working they should always aware of the individual personal hygiene as well as entire hotel hygiene.

Especially those who are always dealing with food they are properly trained with excellent food hygiene training programs conduct by hotel training department. Apart from this management has provided three set of uniform for all the staff in the kitchen.Especially when we are taking about kitchen staff uniform it consist with more essential items, such as ? Neck tie ? Hut ? Dusters ? Apron In hotel always there is separate person allocated for each and every shift to do cleaning in the kitchen area. His main responsibility is maintaining kitchen cleanliness always up to stranded. That’s mean at any given time kitchen should be clean and tidy. [pic] By maintaining above stranded always kitchen look like clean and tidy.

If the kitchen is up to stranded that’s mean all the staff are follow rules and regulation which they strike to do in day today life in kitchenHow they make advanced preparation for event? When Food handlers using raw/cold meat they always use hygiene methods such as using grouse, maintain working environment clean and tidy and use clean equipments. In the picture down you can see how they arrange their raw meat for next day. [pic] To maintained higher stranded of the kitchen department central management has given instruction to each and every person to handle in professional manner.

In above picture we can see how they do personal hygiene practice while their working. How they maintenance storage systems up to HACCP method?Cool storage Mainly in cool storage they maintain chillers and freezer. To minimize area in the kitchen they divided one big chillier in to two section such as, • Freezer • Chillier Freezer All the frozen items are kept in this freezer to prevent bacteria growth in the food. Normally temperature will be starting below zero and going up to -20 C. [pic] Chillers Most of the vegetable, egg, burger bun and all types of fruits are normally kept in the cooler with in the required temperatures.

As far as we follow correct temperature we can take optimum out come from chillers.Especially in these chillers they maintained in good storage systems. As an example once there are store cook items and raw items they purposely kept cook items in upper shells and leave raw material lower shells to prevent leaking some liquid to prepared once. [pic] [pic] What’s chemical and physical contamination? Chemical contamination Normally chemical contamination is mainly occurred from vegetables and meats, but especially from vegetables. When the vegetables are growing all of the framers have to think about their cultivation and they have to protect it from pesticides.

To minimize deduction of cultivation framers had got use to use chemicals. Most of the times this chemical are not harmful. But it might be able to cause of illness. Apart from this there are another ways can be happen chemical contaminations, such as heavy metals, copper and aluminum. Mainly tins foods items such as beaked beans, peaches and others. [pic] Basically we should never use when tin is damaged because there is liquid in side the tin to preserved the food.

Normally there is a sealer with in the tin to protect contaminating liquid and the tin. If the tin is damaged probably sealer also damaged.In this cause food might be a cause of illness.

Physical contamination Mainly this happen in between raw material converted in to the customer consummation. During this period there are many ways it can be happened, such as, ? By hand ? Because of the cooking methods. To prevent physical contamination most of the people they should get use to good and quality stranded hygienic practice such as using gloves when they touching food items. Task 04:- Lay out of the restaurant As in above diagram I have try to create clear picture of my table setting in the function hall.When I am planning table setting I have mainly consider several key points such as, ? Health and safety issues ? Theme of the event ? How to control audio system at the hall Heath and safety issues, To maintain higher standard of the function hall we have arranged 4 main fire exist door in the hall. When we are making table settings we always leave adequate room for fire exits in case of emergency.

All the wirings should be properly sticked to the floor with the help of rubber tapes for health and safety. Theme of the eventWhen decorating the hall I always stick to the valentines day theme which comprises of the colors red and black. Audio System To minimize the noise disruption of the banquet hall we have to place the loud speakers besides the DJ and away from the tables as described in the picture. Role of waiting staff Four waiters needed. 5 hours of work required including 1 hr work to be done in advance of start of the event. Staff works as follows, ? Laying out the tables ? Setting up the covers(tissues,cutlery,crockery) ? Serving welcome drink wine and water ? Serving three course menu ? Clearing tablesTerms & conditions for the valentines day party, at grange, Docklands. Agenda of the Valentines Day Party 7:00 pmwelcome drink reception 7:30pmPurpose of the event described 7:45pmserving of wine and other drinks 8:00pmDinner is served 10:00pmEvening dance 12:00pmEvent Finishes Administrative issues Payment Payment shall be by cash, cheque, bankers draft and tickets can be obtained from the entrance. Advance Reservation Advance reservations can be made prior to event over the phone.

Cloaks and Personal Property Grange does not accept responsibility for the property of customers or guests.Cloakrooms are provided for the convenience of customers and guests, but any items deposited in the cloakrooms are deposited at the owner’s risk and without any obligation on the part of company. Finishing Time Functions and conferences are required to finish at the time agreed. in their absolute discretion shall consider appropriate in the circumstances to cover extra expenses incurred and cover usual hire charges. Extensions to this time are in any event subject to the licensing regulations referred to in Clause 4. The Budget for the event.

Revenue ?75 per couple x 40 ? 000 Cost of the audio sound equipments ? 100 Cost of the DJ ? 60 Cost of the Menu No of couples40 Cost of the three course menu? 15? 600 40 bottles of wine (? 5. 50 x 40) ? 45. 5 Champagne(? 5. 00 x 40)? 200 (All additional drinks are charged as per standard Company rates and added to the final bill) Still/Sparkling water 40 bottles (1 bottle per table)(? 2 x40) ? 80 Gift Bag(? 4. 5 x 40)? 180 Decoration arrangements ? 100 Tissue/plates/Cutlery/Crockery ? 30 Staff costs? 120 Total Expenses? 1515.

50 Profit from the event ? 1484. 50 References ? International HACCP Alliance. International HACCP Alliance” ? www. caterer. com ? Food and Chemical Toxicology, ISSN: 0278-6915, Elsevier ? Lundberg, Donald E. , The Hotel and Restaurant Business, Boston : Cahners Books, 1974. ISBN 0843620447 ? www.

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