Conflict Identification and Resolution Essay

According to dictionary. com conflict is defined as a incompatibility or interference, as of one idea, desire, event, or activity with another. Baack, explained that Over time, conflict has been viewed as something to be avoided or eliminated, as inevitable but manageable, and as a driving force that leads to innovation and much needed change. She concluded that defining the term creates challenges. In an organization behavior, conflict is seen as a circumstance in which party negatively affect or seeks to negatively affect another party.

Baack, further explain that conflict and negotiation are closely related concept s, in that both suggest that two parties are involved, and both seek to impose their will or gain in a disputed situation. There are two forms of conflict in an organization context; FUNCTIONAL and DYSFUNCTIONAL. Functional Conflict occurs when organization’s interest are served in some way, such as improvement in performance or greater cooperation among individuals or groups while Dysfunctional Conflict it a destructive form or activities that hinder group or organizational performance.

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There are four levels of conflict; intrapersonal conflict which deals with an individual’s thought, values, and emotions conflicting one another. Interpersonal conflict: this take place between individuals. intragroup conflict: this is refer to a disagreement between members of a group. and intergroup conflict: this take place between various groups, such as department within a company. CONFLICT. I once involved in a conflict sometimes ago when I was working with car dealer as a product specialist/ sales representative. It was commission based job so the norm was that each sales representative are teamed with a sales manager.

On one occasion, man worked into the lot so I immediately attended to him and then took him in the office to see my sales manager for proper negotiation . suddenly, one of my co-worker and his sales manager worked-up to us and accused us of “ taken their customer”. I was calm but very furious because i was sure he was never with the man. The accusation is seriously against the norms of the firm. At that point, the deal with the customer cannot be closed. Going by Baack defining and explanation of levels of conflict, this falls into intergroup conflict.

In his definition, intergroup conflict occur between various groups in a company which is the nature of the above situation. RESOLUTION: . In resolving the conflict, the two group went the to the senior manager. The senior manager hard both side stories. So, we all understand that they had sold car to that particular customer some years back which i and my sales manager had no knowledge of it. Baack stated that “ when concern for other party’s outcome is high, two conflict style are possible: yielding/accommodating and problem solving/collaborating”.

At this point, the reason of the accusation had been identify and the position of the parties was known which is both want to win. more so both side are willing to resolved . it was cleared that both side have right to the customer so the senior manager was able to find bargaining zone and he made decision that the two group should share the commission. This what baack referred to as win -win solution. According him , it balance that it allows all side to make gains, which he said it is similar to those in negotiations.