Conjunctivitis Essay

This is where Conjunctivitis got it’s name, Pink Eye , from the color your eyes when they get irritated. Bacteria can affect and irritate parts o f your eye and causes them to be bloodshot, giving them a red appearance. Conjunctiva IS can and is a big pain if you do end up getting it. Most often times it will affect both eyes (Monoclinic. Org). So instead of one itchy red eye, you have two. Since both eye s are irritated and Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) can cause vision problems, most of the t mime it is hard to see at all. Conjunctivitis can be very harmful and even threatening to your eyes if it comes about at the wrong time.

It is an infection that needs treatment rig HTH away, and should not get put off. It is a very contagious disease, so hand washing is a must. The hardest part is to not rub your eyes, even though they itch tremendously. The best Way to help not spread it is keeping good hygiene and to not come into contact CT with an infected person. Conjunctivitis, also known as Pink Eye, is an annoying irritating infection in you eyes that causes them to itch, burn, turn red, and even leak tears and turn cru steed. Conjunctivitis has a suffix that is “It is”, meaning inflammation, irritation, and r oddness. Putting the word together getting Conjunctivitis means inflammation, irritation n, and redness of the Conjunctiva mucous membrane in the eye. The Conjunctiva in the eye is the mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and is contain need over the forepart of the eyeball (AAA. Org). Even though the conjunctiva is clear it ca rise many blood vessels which cause bloodshot eyes. There is a bunch of different ways to irritate the conjunctiva in the eye, but the main reasons people get Conjunctiva its (Pink Eye) is from a virus, like the common cold.

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Also another big contender is bacterial conjunctivitis caused by bacteria, this type of conjunctivitis can cause serious dad mage to the eye if left untreated. Another form is allergic conjunctivitis. When the C injunctive does get irritated from one of these ways it causes the conjunctiva blood vessels to dilate. This is what causes red, bloodshot eyes (Skintight. Com). Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) is an infection that should be treated quickly. After noticing the signs of crusted, leaky, red, itchy, irritated eyes you should go to t e doctor and have it checked out. Usually Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) will cure itself without t getting treatment. But everyone’s bodies reacts differently. If the Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) gets too bad, it will need treatment consulted with by a doctor. Since there are ma NY ways to contract Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) there are different treatments that are need De to help cure it. In most cases Of viral conjunctivitis the infection will usually clear up in seven to fourteen days without treatment and without any longer consequences. In some eases, viral conjunctivitis can take јo to three weeks or more to clear up, esp. Cecilia if your body doesn’t heal properly.

Viral Conjunctivitis is considered one of the mild forms (Cdc. Gob). Artificial tears and cold packs can relieve the dryness and inflame Zion. The artificial tears can be bought in stores without a doctor’s prescription. Antiviral 4 medication can be prescribed to treat more serious forms of conjunctivitis, ca used from herpes. Antibiotics will not improve viral conjunctivitis. When it comes to back aerial conjunctivitis antibiotics can help reduce the spread of infection to others. Ant biotic such as eye drops or ointment are effective for this type of conjunctivitis.

You might be prescribed antibiotic eye drops or ointment and the infection should clear wit hind several days. Artificial tears and cold compresses may be used to relieve some of the dryness and inflammation too. However, mild bacterial conjunctivitis may get better w thou antibiotic treatment and without any severe complications. Allergic Conjunctiva it is is caused by an allergy usually when the allergen, such as pollen or animal Dan irritates the Conjunctiva. Allergy medications and certain eye drops (Antipasti nine and vasoconstriction), and prescription eye drops, can also provide relief from ale argil conjunctivitis.

For conjunctivitis caused by contact lenses, an eye doctor may recommend removing lenses and keeping them out for awhile (CDC. Org). Conjunctivitis affects the conjunctiva membrane in the eye, this is not the only thing it affects. Conjunctiva is made up of nonresidential, stratified exogamous epithelium. It also has goblet cells, and stratified columnar epithelium. All Oft Hess cells and tissues are affected by conjunctivitis (AAA. Org). The antibiotic medicines c an help eel the cells and tissues in the conjunctiva very easily.

Since there is a cure of r this infection it is a temporary disease unless it goes untreated. The long term consequences can be very permanent. For patients not covered by health insurance, treatment for Conjunctivitis can cost from $50 to almost $200 or more for the first doctor visit. Treatment can cost less than $50 for cold compresses and artificial tears for viral pink eye. It can cost from $15 to $120 for antibiotic eye drops for bacterial pink eye. 5 Also it can cost from less than $15 to $130 for antihistamine eye drops for large-hearted conjunctivitis, and up to $4,000 for allergy shots.

Allergy shots c protect you from getting allergy conjunctivitis. The treatments for conjunctivitis s can easily be costly, depending on the type of Conjunctivitis needing treatment (a AAA. Org). Pink Eye, or formally known as Conjunctivitis is a terrible and annoying infect in the eyes. It is an irritation of the Conjunctiva, which is the thin clear mucous membrane covering the eyes and eyelids, giving it the name Conjunctivitis. The ere are many ways to contract this infection but is typically easy to cure. There are did efferent types of treatments for the three main types of Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye).