Consequences of Maltreatment and Abuse of Young Children Essay

Although the number of males being abused is going up it still generally is women, who then tend to turn to things such as drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with what is happening to them. This is proven to then cause more problems and add to the issues already had. The next consequence is for sexual abuse, although it is a horrible one I will try my best to explain it as well as possible. In severe cases of abuse the girl may become pregnant and be forced to have multiple abortions this then will affect their reproductive system for when they are older.

This may mean they cannot have children or ill struggle to conceive, this is a consequence because the girl may want to try and forget about everything that has happened in the past but there will always be a constant reminder of it and the abuser has scarred her for life. This links into another consequence which can then also feed into all types of abuse, whilst the abuse is happening the child will then become withdrawn from society and those close to them.

And begin not to feel safe, this is a consequence because every child deserves to feel safe and not scared and constantly looking over their shoulder, it is not fair. A child may not be able to incinerate at school because their head will be in a completely different place thinking about what is happening at home. This is a consequence intellectually because the grades at school will suffer and they will not pass tests/exams.

This will then lead to them not being able to get onto further education and not being able to get a good job. If a teacher notices that a child becomes withdrawn and timid they should then begin to investigate the situation, this may mean speaking to the parents or speaking to the child. There are some immediate consequences of maltreatment of children this an be broken bones, bruises, black eyes etc. Again if teachers notice this frequently they will begin to investigate.

Emotional and Psychological Consequences as the child develops and grows older may include things like Eating disorders, isolation at school with both teachers and friends, depression and anxiety and other mental health issues, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts and sometimes actions. However in some cases Of abuse the person who was ultimately being abused does not always have long term consequences they may get over the happenings and carry on their adult lives s normal. They may have had the help of counselors, family and friends.