Consultant Office In Residential Area Construction Essay

An office by and large a room which provide a infinite which concern, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. An office edifice, besides known as office block is a signifier of commercial edifice which contained infinites chiefly designated to be used for offices purposed.

This survey will concentrate on the consultancy office. Consultancy office is a service industry that giving adept advice in a peculiar field such as a concern direction consultancy to their clients. Consultancy office such as accountant office, attorney office and others are of import for man of affairs presents. The adviser is expert in a specific field and has a broad cognition of the topic affairs so that they can supply their client with much utile and knowing sentiment sing to the related field.There are two types of office in the belongings market such purpose built office edifices and shop-offices. Purpose reinforced office edifices are by and large high-rise edifice with more than 10 floors and the edifice was strictly used for offices purposed.

Whereas the shop-offices by and large low-rise edifices with two or three floor. It is a row of edifices in which separate shop-offices are linked together and it is tenant mix. The land floor is used for the concern such car workshop and others, and for the upper floors is used for the office intents.Shop-offices development was favorites by the office residents for last few old ages.

It can be seen that the adviser office choose to be located in residential countries since last few old ages. The ground why they choose to lease for shop-offices in the residential as their work topographic point is because of the rental monetary value is much cheaper to compare to the purposed built office edifice. The office lease monetary values in premier edifice within the metropolis & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s concern territory have rise due to the limited supply of intent built office edifice. Furthermore, there is besides low care fees due to shop-offices normally required minimal care and direction attention.

As the company would wish to cut costs by downsizing and relocating to less expensive offices, there could be higher demand for offices outside the chief commercial territories, like the shop-offices which is located in residential countries.

1.2 Problem Statements

The demand of office edifice in commercial territory countries is on the rise. But there is scarceness of development land in Centre Business District ( CBD ) create the risen of office rental monetary value in the CBD countries. Because of this, peoples presents take to travel out from the CBD and happen an office edifice outside the CBD countries.Normally, office edifices will be located in CBD. Because the CBD affords maximal handiness through conveyance installations for clients and employees and all the authorities offices, fiscal establishment and retails are located within the CBD countries which is much more convenience for the officers to execute their work undertaking.

Today, there is a batch of adviser office choose to be rented an office at shop-offices batch which is located in residential countries. In today landscape, an integrating of residential and commercial has symbiotically merged as one entity. It was non merely a unrecorded infinite but besides a work infinite for the human existences. They choose to be located in residential country because of low rental monetary value, low care fees and possibly less noise that make by the vehicles.

There must convey some impact to the occupants once the adviser office operated in residential countries. Residential countries should be a topographic point which holding privateness and safe for the occupants. There would be more traffic volume in the residential country if the adviser office to be operated.

And what the job is whether the adviser office in residential country acceptable?

1.3 Significance

This survey aims to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of adviser office to be located in residential countries and besides the jobs faced by the both occupants and office resident in the selected residential countries and besides to urge some effectiveness step to work out the job that faced by the both party. This survey will besides take to find whether the adviser office is acceptable to be located in residential countries and is it the chances for adviser office to be located in residential countries.

1.4 Aims of Study

There are three chief aims in this survey:To analyze the location theory of office developmentTo place what is the advantages and disadvantages of adviser office in residential country for both selected occupants and office residents in Petaling Jaya countries.To find the measure to be taken in order to better and work out the job that faced by the both selected occupants and office residents of the residential country and besides the adviser office.

1.5 Scope of Study

The range of this survey focused on the selected adviser office which is located in Petaling Jaya & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s residential countries in order to calculate out what are the advantages and disadvantages of adviser office in residential countries and how is the impact to the both occupants and office residents in the selected country.

The respondents of the questionnaire study sheets are the occupants of the selected residential country and the office residents of the selected adviser office in Petaling Jaya countries. Feedback from the both occupants and office resident can give some thoughts that whether there is any advantages that is truly profit for the both party and whether there is any disadvantages that is truly necessitate to be improved.

1.6 Methodology

All the relevant informations related to this survey are obtained through primary informations and secondary informations.The primary informations in this survey will include of sampling, distribution of questionnaires and interviews. The respondents selected will be the both occupants and office residents who are populating in the selected residential country within Petaling Jaya countries through sampling.

For the interview subdivisions, respondents are targeted to the office directors who are representatives of edifice proprietor & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s point of position and besides the occupants who are unrecorded within the selected residential countries.Through the responds from the questionnaires study sheet, the advantages and disadvantages of adviser office in residential countries can be identified. Besides that, the job face by the both party can besides be identify.The aggregation of secondary informations will be done through mentions of relevant books, diary, newspaper articles, conference paper, magazines, newspaper and cyberspace searching and other beginnings.

1.7 Structure of Study

This survey consisted of five chapters. Brief descriptions of the chapters are as follows: –

Chapter 1

The chapter one will discourse on the debut for the research.

The first chapter is sing the debut of the survey. This chapter consists of a simple debut with a brief background of the survey. Statement of job, research aims, range of the survey and methodological analysis will be described in this chapter.

Chapter 2

Chapter two is discusses on the literature reappraisal about the research rubric.

In this chapter, location theory of office, services and installations, planning and office development, location picks of office, land-use determination and vicinity construct of the residential countries will be discussed.

Chapter 3

Chapter three nowadayss all the considerations related to the method and methodological analysis that used in garnering the information needed. The combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods is used to transport out this survey. Furthermore the sampling method, construction of questionnaire and interview usher is besides discussed in this chapter.

A treatment on respondents through interviews and questionnaires study will besides be included in this chapter.

Chapter 4

Chapter four showed the statistical analysis performed on the informations obtained from the study sheets done bye the both occupants and office resident. Besides that, the analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of adviser office in residential country and besides the job faced by both residents will besides be carried out by analyzing the information that gathered through interviews and questionnaire study sheets and besides the secondary informations. The research replies from different party will be compared.

Chapter 5

Chapter five is the treatment of the findings from the informations obtained from the old chapter. The decision and recommendations of this survey will be discussed in this chapter. It gives an overview of the survey along the deduction of the survey, suggestions and decision of the whole survey. Some recommendations for the hereafter survey will besides be included in this survey.