Consumer Behavior Essay

There is a saying alike “No need of distracting yourself from products, with time products will start avoiding you & it will just happen automatically”.

The subject “Consumer Behavior” really manifests the saying and champions this very ancient idea. Throughout the course exploring the subject was just about knowing myself, my behavior as a consumer. And the topics that struck me most was the “Defense Mechanism” that showed the hidden portion inside every person that comes in form of behavior & helps every individual in identifying his/her personal trauma may be of which he was totally unknown.And after knowing that may be he can find himself as a normal human being like others, not inferior to anyone in any case & just can feel that his personality is just an combined effect of freudian Id, Superego and Ego and that is the reason why some people are introvert, why some are extrovert and why some emerge themselves as a very confusing but a very common form of “Ambivert”.In this topics I will try to express my understanding about that freudian traits which are very much interrelated with all defense mechanism of people and also it drives the way of one’s personality whether he is introvert, extrovert or an ambivert and in an combination how they effect the consumer behavior.

DISCUSSION At the very early stage of life, the juvenile mind of a person can be compared with soft mud. It is so soft to be given any kind of shape, full of free will, wants to do whatever he or she really wants to do.That stage of life according to freud is driven by “Id”- which is totally free from all codes and conduct of society and conscious control. And according to me, in this stage the extroversion quality is evolved most within an individual. A child or a young person is not afraid of expressing what he or she feels to. And if he is treated as a consumer, he may be considered as the consumer with high enthusiasm and eagerness to have and experience any product. So we can say, an extrovert person driven with Id is the category of the targeted potential customer group.The example may be the example of the children who cries out to buy anything they want to buy at the market.

A person gradually gets older with time and becomes confined with the codes and conducts, rules and regulation imposed by society and surrounding. At that stage according to freud he is driven by “Superego”. The person then learns to live a parallel life. At the very core of his heart he cherishes of doing something, but because of superego he starts to sacrifice all those and become an ambivert person. He then poses a duel personality simultaneously.

He dose things which he actually does not like to do.The example we may give alike – a girl may feel like to drive a bi-cycle of her own to travel , but a conservative society like ours may not allow her to do that & at a point the bi-cycle market loses a potential customer because of the codes imposed by society that has already given birth of an “Ambivert” consumer. And then finally come those traumas of life those are really unexpected and unpredicted, but happens a lot to life and sometimes a lot in numbers. For the very first time through this course, I think I became enable to identify my own state and hope other students also could do the same.And also these defense mechanism made our vision to zoom out our life in a great extent. And obviously, I think those are reasons why make some people totally introvert. People try to hide themselves within a shell and don’t want to expose them to others because they think others are completely free of these. Also they think themselves as inferior to all and don’t feel like to confess that and hence become very much introvert.

Those are forms of consciousness and according to freud they are driven by “ego” . Introvert customers are found to be highly reluctant to buy anything.They are not seemed to take the newer fragrance of life and also seem like to close all the windows around them. Described different defense mechanism are seen among them and those grab themselves from deeper to deeper and they can barely get themselves rid out of that The most surprising thing that opened a third eye of mine during this course is the defense mechanism criterion and just got to know that every person faces this specific tragedy at different stage of life. Unfortunately most of the people do not aware about the reasons and ramification.

Also do not know the way of minimizing those and the way of controlling those, just continuously face the trauma and the pain springs from it. Aggression, rationalization, withdrawal from an important issue, projection to an imaginary issue, excessive daydreaming, identification problem and repression of individuals are very common phenomenon of mental tragedies and lead to create an introvert or ambivert person and hence effect the behavior of a person as an consumer.CONCLUSIONSo to say, a nation having population with a sound mental health is most likely to grab groups of potential customers. And it is a responsibility of the government and also an individual to another individual to maximize the protection from facing “defense mechanism” & thus ensure his or her sound mental health.

We all want the “Freudian Id “to be observed most among people for the sake of mental sanity. And also should spread the message that Barak Obama, president of USA said “Never judge yourself inferior to others , you have no idea how potential you are”. So, to have a healthy potential consumer market we must have a sharp eye on this issue, ensure calm and composed mental health for all and enhance the consumer quality