Consumer shopping based on the differences in

behaviour is an analysis of how, why, when and where people do or do not buy a
product. Gender plays a significant role in consumer behaviour for the reason
that difference between men and women about their needs, wants, expectations,
lifestyle, etc., reflect their consumption behaviour. Every human being on
earth is a consumer. We consume food, clothing, shelter, services, education,
knowledge, etc. Thorough understanding of consumer behaviour is the main aspect
of successful marketing and strategic advertising. Diagnosing the consumer
behaviour is crucial to market development in developing and underdeveloped
countries. Until the CB is not recognized, it is not possible to develop a
relevant and an organized relationship between industries and consumers. The
organizations and companies that adjust their goals and methods based on the
recognition of their customers and consumers, are successful. Gender is an
important aspect in consumer buying behaviour. Men’s shopping is different from
Women’s shopping based on the differences in their attitude (Women do
gathering, and Men do hunting). Understanding the customer behaviour is to
examine consumer’s behaviour in shopping so as to manufacture products and
services based on their tastes.  Men and
Women buying behaviour are not simple but it is very important to understand
them. It all depends on their socialization patterns and the way they are
brought up which involves psychological, social and personal aspects.

Section 2:

objectives of the research are to analyse the typical personality
characteristics of male and female like risk tolerance, emotions, etc., to
understand the impact of gender on buying decisions, to understand the reasons
for the differences between the decisions taken by men and women based on their
culture, psychology, social and personal aspects, and to increase the sale of
the products of the company to increase the profit of the company. Consumer
behaviour has a multifaceted view on consumer’s behaviour. Therefore,
understanding the psychological, anthropological and sociological ethics is
crucial. Consumer Behaviour is a questionable and challenging research that widely
covers people and what they want to buy, why they want to buy, how they want to
buy, and market, marketing and marketing mixtures. CB is affected by several
factors. Consumers’ purchasing behaviour is the final consumer’s purchasing behaviour,
that is, people who purchase goods and services for a certain reason. Most of
the salesmen obtain required information and recognition from the consumers
using their daily experience with them. In any way, as markets and companies
grow, a lot of marketing decision makers, would have lost their contact with
consumers and have decided to conduct a research and study on consumers. The
allocated budget for gaining a better understanding of consumer behaviour is
increasing day by day. In point of fact, Who are buyers? What they buy? Where they
buy? When they buy, and Why they buy? Further, in many communities women are evidenced
to have the highest consumption. Indeed, women are the biggest buyers of family
necessities. Due to the main reason that there is a change in women’s economic
status, life style and social roles, we are noticing their presence in many
consumption markets. Eventually, this trend is encouraging marketing managers
to take measures on their marketing strategies to make their services and
products best suited for women. Other stimulations are basic forces like
economic, political, technological and cultural. Based on the response of these
forces, marketers target their consumers. However, gender plays a significant
role in consumer behaviour. Since men and women have different expectations and
needs, they have a different purchasing behaviour. There are lot of difference in
their attitude and behaviour, which consequently makes a difference in their
purchasing behaviour as well. This research helps manufacturers, importers and
sellers achieve high profit by making marketing decisions based on consumers’
buying behaviour. Till date, there had been a lot of researches based on Consumer
Behaviour before, during and after their purchase. However, this research
explores the effect of gender on Consumer’s shopping behaviour.