Contemporary Cultural Diversity Essay

This handout was written to inform the reader(s) of an issue that is face every day by the Criminal Justice System: Should cultural customs or practices be prosecuted? With the amount of immigrants on the rise the question of their culture customs and practices being prosecuted is brought to mind. From the average persons view on this, yes, their culture customs and practices should be prosecuted because if an American citizen was to commit a crime that is illegal in the United States they would be prosecuted so why shouldn’t a person that was not born here but resides here be prosecuted.

In the below graph, one can see the amount of immigrants that have come into the united states over the past years. In 2009 in the case of State vs Mong Lor, an adult male of a different culture was convicted for sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16. He argued it because in his culture they were married but in the state of Wisconsin they were not married and the act was illegal. So in aspect what is legal in another country may be illegal in the United States arising the issue of whether or not the person performing the illegal act should be prosecuted even though it is a custom in the country of their birth.

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