Contrast Between the Gender System in Bangla and English Language Essay

Introduction Gender is the English term which is derived from an extremely general word genus.

Genus is a Latin word, means class or kind. In Bangla language, it is known as lingo. Old English had a system of grammatical gender similar to the modern Garman. All most every language has some grammatical means of dividing their nouns lexicon into distinct classes.

Gender is one such device.The core of Gender system in any language is the Gender assignment system, a set of rules, according to which nouns are allotted to genders. Many languages have a predominating semantic Gender assignment system. ‘Gender’ most commonly refers to classes of nouns within a language which are ‘Reflected in the behavior of associated words’ (Hockett 1958:231). The term is used both for the particular classes of nouns and for the whole grammatical category.Gender is defined in ‘Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics’ as ‘a grammatical distinction in which words such as nouns, articles and adjectives are marked according to distinction between Masculine / feminine and sometimes neuter” In English and Bangla language, Gender may be two types of: A. Grammatical B. Natural.

Latin, French, Greek and German have grammatical gender. ?Le livre (masculine) – ‘the book’ ?La porte (feminine) – ‘the door Literature Review:A few researches have been done by different Universities, NGO, Bangladesh Bureau of Information and Statistics have done few researches on it. They have tried to find out the similarities and dissimilarities in the gender system in Bangla and English. Location: In this research paper I am going to find out some facts of Gender system in both Bangla and English language. And find out some facts that influence both languages in their Gender and also their languages. I am going to talk with some students and teachers regarding the fact who are from Dhanmondi, Shymoli, Dhaka.Description: To find the facts this raises certain research questions such as: 1.

What is Gender system? 2. What do we understand by Gender? 3. What are the differences between the gender system in Bangla and English? 4. Do you face any difficulties in your language for gender system? 5. Do you find any similarities in Gender system in two languages? 6.

Is the knowledge of Bangla gender system helps you in learning English gender system? Source of data: Data from primary and secondary sources will be collected for this proposed research.Primary data will be collected through observation, survey of educational institutions and interview of teachers, learners. Questionnaire technique of data collection will also be used for proposed research. On the other hand, secondary data will be collected through review of books, journals, newspapers and other records. Special care will be taken to maintain the objectives in collecting data from both the primary and secondary sources. Data Analysis: Data will be analyzed by description, editing, classification, tabulation, using percentage.