Control Of Cell Destiny Link Essay

Regulation of potatoes Extracurricular factors Hormones ; Toxins Intracellular factors ; Regulatory proteins Example During the development of the fingers in an embryo, the cells between the fingers are removed by potatoes. Aging and Cells Aging Normal degradation of homeostasis responses Genetically Programmed Telemeter ; specific repeating DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes that shorten after each cell division. ; Determine the number of cell divisions in a cell.

Glucose Accumulation produces a “glue” effect on the cytokines proteins, reduces elasticity. Accumulation of free radicals Autoimmune response immunity cells stop recognizing self from non-self Pathology terms Hypertrophy increase in size of cells (without cell division) Atrophy Decrease in size Of cells, tissues and organs. Cancer Group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division Malignant Metastases Fast spreading of the cancerous cell throughout the body.

Benign Cells grow slowly, do not metastasis and can be removed surgically. Types of cancer (named after the tissue of origin) Carcinoma – epithelial tissue Melanoma melancholy’s (pigment containing cells in the skin) Sarcoma -? muscles or connective tissue homophony – lymphatic tissue Leukemia – leukocytes (Webs) Misdiagnoses Tumors produce growth factors hat stimulate development of new blood vessels pain Tumors press on nerves Tumors steal nutrients and space from surrounding tissue.What do hay think? 1 After the completion fog phase by a cell , the cytokines were not produced. What is the most likely next stage of cell cycle for this cell? 2.

Patients who are bed-bound for a long time may develop muscular atrophy. What is this condition? 3. A 40-year old beach-boy tells you that in his “younger days” he was boasting a perfect tan. Now his skin is wrinkled, with multiple irregular dark spots and raised warts.

What disease may he have and what could cause it?