Controlling auditors conduct audits and submit audit

is one of management functions. What does controlling means? Controlling means
any process that lead the organization to the goals with includes setting and
measuring performance standards and taking corrective actions when necessary.

At Berjaya
Corporate Berhad, the Board is responsible for the Group’s internal control
system and reviews its adequacy and completeness. The Group’s internal control
system is designed to manage key business risks that may prevent the Group from
achieving its business objectives. The Board has reviewed the adequacy and
effectiveness of risk management and internal control systems. It is considered
that the risk management and internal control system are adequate and
effective. Furthermore, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
has been pledged that internal control system is operating adequately and
effectively, in all material aspects.

of key aspects of the internal control process is the business unit identifies
areas of control relevant to its business, designs internal control procedures,
and records procedures in the manual. More than that, the Group’s internal
auditor prepares its annual audit plan and submits it to the Audit Committee
(“Audit Committee”) for approval. Furthermore, internal auditors
conduct audits and submit audit reports to the audit committee, emphasizing any
shortcomings by the business units in implementing the controls and remedial
procedures implemented by the business units. Hence, the Group having Assurance
Mechanism which is Audit Committee has its obligation to inspect and supervise
the effectiveness of the Group’s system of internal control. The Group’s
internal auditors submitted reports of visits from various unlisted subsidiaries
to the Audit Committee.

Group has widespread system of internal control that enables the management to
ensure that established policies, guidelines and procedures are followed and
complied with. There is some main features of internal control system which
involved clear organisation structure with delineated reporting lines and
defined levels of authority. Next, ongoing training capable workforce to ensure
employee are professional to react any problem. In order to facilitate
management, the Group centralized human resource function which outlines
procedures for recruitment, training, appraisal and the reward system. In
additional, independent assurance on the system of internal control from
regular internal audit visits. The group having timely financial and operations
reports to precautions any emergencies case. In order to enhance communications
to avoid misunderstanding, scheduled operations and management meetings. The
Group centralised procurement function to ensure that approval procedures are
followed. Furthermore, executive directors and senior management regularly
inspect the Group’s business unit.

the directors in the Group have completed the Mandatory Accreditation Programme
as required by Bursa Securities. The
directors individually and continuously reviews and determines their respective
training needs to assist them in fulfilling their duties as directors. The
Board believes that continuous training of directors is essential to enhancing
the skills and knowledge of board members so that they can discharge their
duties effectively. Therefore, the Board will continue to attend the necessary
training programs, conferences, seminars and or forums to keep abreast of
current developments in various industries and changes in legal and regulatory