Controlling Lego Mindstorm Nxt With Google Android Powered By Smartphone Computer Science Essay

This paper introduces how to command LEGO Mindstorm NXT with Google Android powered by smartphone to work out a Rubik ‘s regular hexahedron. It starts with the motive to take the Android platform since it is based on Java linguistic communication and most of pupils CS USM ( Computer Sciences University Sains Malaysia ) have learnt Java languages before ; and motivated by LEGO Mindstorm NXT abilities for robotic in Artificial Intelligence.This paper describes and introduces about LEGO Mindstorm NXT controlled by smartphone with Google Android to work out a Rubik ‘s regular hexahedron. LEGO Mindstorm NXT is a robotic kit came with NXT programmable brick, assortment detectors and motors that was released by LEGO Group in tardily July 2006 [ ] . NXT brick is a microprocessor circuit that can be programmed utilizing computing machine.

Users with Bluetooth-enabled computing machine hardware can reassign their plans to the NXT wirelessly to link their computing machine to the NXT for plan transportation. The inclusion of Bluetooth engineering besides extends possibilities for commanding automatons remotely, for illustration, from an iPhone [ ]In many real-world spheres, robotics had take portion in our day-to-day life particularly in fabricating industrial and instruction sector. Robotics as referred to the McKerrow ( 1986 ) , had describes the automaton is a machines that can be programmed to make the assortment undertakings base on bid that have programmed by human. Many advantages that automaton can make for homo such as in the hazardous undertaking and complicated undertaking that homo can non make.Possibly the most dramatic alterations in future automatons will originate from their increasing ability to ground. The field of unreal intelligence is traveling quickly from university research labs to practical application in industry, and machines are being developed that can execute cognitive undertakings, such as strategic planning and larning from experience.

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Lego Mindstrom NXT with Device

Presents, engineering can be defined as scientific discipline applied to practical intents. When the quickly of development and research is so impressive, it is easy to believe about the advantages of new engineering.

Lego Mindstorm NXT, being versatile and yet cheap Robotic Invention System ( RIS ) , has proven to be a utile kit for survey of robotics every bit good as other scientific discipline and engineering capable affairs. Previous plants have recorded success in the usage of LEGO Mindstorm NXT as acquisition tools in instruction [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] .J.Goncales et Al. [ 8 ] stated that Lego Mindstorm NXT is a powerful instruction tool and being used by writers in many activities. Therefore, it can utilize as mold of a realistic simulation in order to formalize the presented attack a existent automaton. The simulation will used to compare through a challenge the existent automaton.

Since the Lego Mindstrom NXT are non expensive comparison to the existent automaton. The writer makes good picks utilizing Lego Mindstorm NXT as mold of a simulation than utilizing a existent automaton. Using a existent automaton as acquisition tools it would do a batch of money compared than utilizing a Lego Mindstorm NXT. Since it still can make map, gesture and need programming like a existent automaton. In the other manus, cost for one existent automaton possibly an equal 10 automaton Lego Mindstrom NXT.

However, utilizing a Lego Mindstrom NXT as simulation for existent automatons can non run into a existent demand for existent automaton. For illustration the difference between existent automatons with Lego Mindstorm NXT is size, velocity and strength. The writer demand to make a calculate ratio between existent automaton and Lego Mindstrom NXT foremost earlier used it for realistic simulation.Taking the advantage of fast advancing and the quickly turning engineering, Lego Mindstorm NXT besides was upgrade. In old yearss, Lego Mindstorms NXT was controlled manually by human and does non intelligence in many ways. But today, Lego Mindstorm NXT was adding a detectors and device such as detectors of touch, supersonic, light, sound and device like Bluetooth to widen it map and the intelligence [ 11 ] [ 13 ] . Not bury to state that Lego Mindstorm NXT besides can be control by utilizing smart phone powered by Android [ 12 ] . However, this scheme can merely be effectual if the public presentation of the detectors meet the demands of the robot application.

In peculiar, in many systems, it is important for the detectors to supply dependable updates on its value to the automaton system.

Android for Smart Phone

Google Android is a package stack for nomadic devices that includes an operating system, middleware, and cardinal applications. One of its characteristics that make it flexible is holding an SDK that enable user to do eternal imaginativeness come true [ 12 ] . The job that faces most developers nowadays is holding the tools to develop applications for nomadic platforms. Some nomadic platforms may hold the possible to be integrated with other hardware but without the tools and the flexiblenesss, coders may hold restriction with what they can develop particularly in robotics programming.

As describes by Sharon P.Hall and Eric Anderson [ 15 ] , Android has the possible to work out major causes of dissatisfaction that users have with their phones.Difference between humanoids with others os

Android OS

Symbian OS

Palm OS

iPhone OS

Open beginningOpen beginningSimilar AndroidElegant OSLanguage: JavaLanguage: J2ME and C++Language: HTML, CSS and JavaScriptLanguage: Objective C, a super-set of C and C++Integrated with Google cloud servicesPlatform: S60Model: DojoBased on Mac OS X ( which is based on freeBSD ) .More than nomadic OSIts multi-touch gesture based pilotage system.

Controling Lego Mindstrom NXT with Android powered by smartphone to work out Rubik ‘s regular hexahedron

Android OS move foremost measure in front compared others OS when they announce to print application than connect Android smart phone with Lego Mindstroms NXT [ 13 ] . MINDdroid application will let to Android ache phone user to acquire instant entree and control Lego Mindstroms NXT and give the ability to command by flick of a carpus [ 13 ] . The MINDdroid app is a remote-control application that allows making a wireless connexion via Bluetooth connexion straight with Lego Mindstorm NXT. With combination Lego Mindstorm NXT with device and Android smart phone, it besides can used to work out Rubik ‘s regular hexahedron [ 16 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] . However, there still no certification was printing related to this.

But it is already proved when LEGO make competition to work out Rubik ‘s regular hexahedron utilizing Android smart phone and Lego Mindstroms NXT [ 13 ] .


This subdivision gives motive of widening Android capablenesss to command Lego Mindstorm NXT. Due to its portability and public presentation that can outrun traditional calculating today, it is possible in the hereafter that everything in the universe can be controlled by a nomadic device. Under this state of affairs, we believe that it all started with Google Android.


Since the release of Google Android, a Linux based operating system for nomadic platform ; there have been a Numberss of undertakings sing Google Android, Lego Mindstorm NXT and how to widen its use. Since Google have provided the SDK for the developers, more characteristics can be manipulated and further enhanced its capablenesss. This is of import as it will promote developers particularly among pupil to develop interesting application and farther integrate it with bing device in the market today.


The thought behind this is to give Google Android the ability to command the Lego Mindstorm NXT and execute the stairss to work out a job. In this instance we are utilizing Rubik Cube as a job to be solved. We start by making a connexion between Lego Mindstorm NXT and Google Android. It has been done before by Brown and Holzl [ 1 ] where they manage to set up a Bluetooth connexion between both devices.The following measure is to get the current place of the regular hexahedron. There are 2 methods that can be use ; the first 1 is manually entered by user while the other method is acquired through built in camera in the Google Android smartphone. We prefer the 2nd methods as it will be more accurate as done by David Gilday [ 2 ] .

The information is so generated in 3 dimensions ( 3D ) and displayed to user. Then, user must put the regular hexahedron consequently in the Lego Mindstorm NXT so that it can keep it decently during the motion. The motion is acquired through the touch screen of the device and sent via Bluetooth to the NXT brick.Last the weaponries of the Lego Mindstorm NXT will travel the regular hexahedron into the desired place based on motion made by user in the Google Android. This measure will go around until the regular hexahedron is solved.

The result from this is to enable nomadic remote commanding into big devices ; in this instance we use Lego Mindstorm NXT to pull strings the rubik ‘s regular hexahedron. This will finally cut down the use of adult male power in a unsafe state of affairs. The use of nomadic device such as Google Android powered smartphone will provides portability and connectivity to the user.decisionThe writers would wish to thanks the referees, lectors, supervisor and other persons who straight or indirectly contributed in this research. Thank you for all the support and cognition for this clip being.

RecognitionThe writers would wish to thanks the referees, lectors, supervisor and other persons who straight or indirectly contributed in this research. Thank you for all the support and cognition for this clip being.