Cooperative Group One Essay

Cooperative Group One

1.  ESL Student

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4.  Self-motivated

6.  Writes well

10.  Has a difficult time staying on task

Cooperative Group Two

2. A Student

7.  Writes poorly

11.  Lacks motivation

15.  Receives special education services

Cooperative Group Three

3. D Student

8. Writes well

13.  Turns in assignments late

16. Reads poorly

Cooperative Group Four

5. Rarely turns in assignments

9. Stays on task

12.  Doesn’t care about school

14.  Always turns in assignments on time

I have chosen my groups based on many factors.  Grouping is about mixing up strengths and weaknesses so that students can learn to model one another and learn things from the other students in the group.  There is no one way to group students that is proven most effective.  The best way seems to be to mix the students up as best the teacher can.

            In the first group, pairing a student who writes well with an ESL student will give the ESL student something to model.  This ESL student will learn to better express himself or herself by studying the writing of the student who writes well.

            In the second group, the A student is significantly grouped with a student who writes poorly.  The student who receives special education services should actually have a variety of study skills to draw from based on learning these with special education students.  This student should be able to lend a hand to the one who lacks motivation, and obviously the A student will have some study skills to draw from.

In the third group, again someone who writes well is paired with someone who is a D student.  I will assume that the person who turns in assignments late does not have any problem reading or writing, so he/she will be at worst an average student.  This group is probably going to be a very mixed group who may need some teacher assistance, which is fine.

            In the fourth and final group, I have paired two students with significant strengths with two students who have significant weaknesses, although not necessarily academic weaknesses.  Hopefully these two students will even the other two out some.

            All of these groups are mixed ability and various combinations of strengths and weaknesses.  This seems to be the best way to group students according to the research.

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