Corey News Today (MNT) named Yvette Brazier

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ENG 1021 T/TH

19 December 2017

            A writer for Medical News Today (MNT) named Yvette
Brazier has written an article about the shortage of organ donors on the
following website, Yvette
wrote her article for MNT. MNT was founded in 2003. MNT is owned and operated
by Healthline Media UK Ltd., a leading healthcare publishing company. I believe
that Yvette Brazier’s article will be help my group with our project. This
article will be very useful mainly because of its credibility, numerous statistics

article will be useful to my group because it is credible. Medical News Today produces
original content and information from respected, credible sources. I will admit
that one thing I am not sure about is the author Yvette Brazier. I couldn’t find
much about her other than what was in the about the author section of the MNT
website. I found out that Yvette Brazier has taught writing, research, and
presentation skills with the Health Science department of a large technical
college, working with pharmacists, medical imagers and paramedics.

website in which I found this article had “.com” attached to the end of it.
Which means that it is a commercial website. Medical News Today is an advertising-funded
website, so their goal is to get as many eyes on their site as possible. MNT
provides unbiased and accurate content to educate its target audience of patients
and healthcare professionals. If healthcare professionals read Medical News Today,
then it must be a very credible source.

reason why this article will help my group is the statistics. This article has
numerous facts and statistics about organ donations that will help my group
learn more about organ donations. For example, one “fast fact” is from
1988-2015 there were 650,351 organ transplants. This is just one example of the
various facts and stats about organ donations on this article

conclusion, the numerous statistics and credibility of this article from Medical
News Today will be helpful to my group for our problem/solution project. I am
sure that my group will reference this article a lot because of the amount of
information that this article provides. This Medical News Today article will
help us find a solution to why there aren’t enough organ donors.



Brazier, Yvette. “Organ
Donation: Most Are Willing to Give, so Why Is There a Donor Shortage?” Medical
News Today, MediLexicon International, 10 Mar. 2016,